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The RedZebra Customer Portal has been designed with your business and your customers in mind. It has a simple to use and customisable interface, which allows your customers to view all the interactions they’ve had with your service management company.

The online Customer Portal provides multi-level access that enables your customers to log their own calls, view quotes, check equipment status and download their relevant documents.

Keep reading to find out more about the UK’s Best Field Service Engineer Software Customer Portal and its top features.

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Our Customer Portal - What's Included

RedZebra’s Customer Portal provides an online support channel for your customers. It has an impressive user interface consisting of seven different pages, each one designed to perform a different task.

Some of its key features are:

Your Company Logo

The login screen can be customised to contain your company logo.

Your company branding will create a great first impression and reassures your customers that they’re dealing with a proficient company.

Multi-level users

Designed to make light work of communicating with your customers, multiple contacts can be recorded at both a customer and site level. This enables multi-level access to log and view their own calls, with the option to view ongoing and completed jobs.

Add Call

This allows your customers to add a Call into the RedZebra system from within their Customer Portal login. They can search and select the relevant Site and/or Equipment that the Call is for, specify the Call type, add any additional job details, and then submit it to your database.

Existing Calls

The Existing Calls screen is used to show a list of all current and ongoing Calls for that customer.

They can use the search bar at the top of the list to filter the results by typing in Site Name, Serial Number, Call Type or Call Status.

Completed Calls

Here the customer is able to view all of the Calls which have been completed for their Sites and/or Equipment.

The records can be filtered by either Site Name, Equipment or the Date range.


The Documents page will list any attachments on the Customer Portal that apply to that particular customer. These can then be viewed and downloaded by the customer as and when they need them.


The List Equipment page is used to display all Equipment, either for the customer in general or filtered by Site.

The list can also be filtered by Product. So, for example, the customer can see how many ‘Dry Cleaning Machines’ they have within the system.


The Invoices page will show a list of all Invoices for the customer, which can be viewed and downloaded.

The results can be filtered using the search bar, by typing in Site Name, Call Number or Invoice Number etc.


Customers can find a record of all the Quotes you have given them, which can be viewed or downloaded.

Same as the other pages in RedZebra’s Customer Portal, customers can filter the results by using the search bar.

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Common FAQs about our Customer Portal

Here are some of the things we’re often asked about our Customer Portal:

What is a Customer Portal?

RedZebra’s Customer Portal is a self-service online support platform and communication tool between your business and your customers.

It gives your customers complete visibility into their dealings with your business –  they’re able to log new Calls, check the status for ongoing jobs, and a whole lot more!

How do you access the RedZebra Customer Portal?

During your set-up and implementation with RedZebra, you will be provided with a website link. This link can then be configured for each customer and passed onto the user when they’re ready to log in to the RedZebra Customer Portal for the first time.

Do we need training before using the RedZebra Customer Portal?

Our Customer Portal is designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible, so training will not be required.

However, full training for our RedZebra Service Engineer Software will be covered during your set-up and implementation period.

Can we use the RedZebra Customer Portal on a mobile?

Yes. All of our RedZebra software can be accessed from any device, anywhere, including from smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Is the RedZebra Customer Portal a website?

Yes, it is. RedZebra’s Customer Portal is a separate website containing multiple web pages designed for your customers to view information or perform certain tasks.


Is RedZebra’s Customer Portal also a Customer Community?

No. RedZebra’s Customer Portal is an extension of your company’s Field Service Software, meaning your customers can access information limited to their account.

(Versus a customer community, which resides inside your organisation and is accessible by anyone).

What are the benefits of having a Customer Portal?

It gives your customers complete visibility in the status of their Calls and Equipment, plus it’s a great tool for sharing quotes and documentation with them.

It reduces the amount of admin your customer service team have to complete, therefore saving you time and money.

Can I try out the RedZebra Customer Portal before purchase?

If you’re not an existing RedZebra customer and want to see how the Customer Portal and other software features work, please fill out our enquiry form. If you already use RedZebra, we’re happy to show you how to set up Customer Portal for your business. Contact us here.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

RedZebra makes light work of communicating with your customers, whatever your industry. Our field management software helps businesses to work more efficiently, stay connected, and provide better customer service.

Some of our most popular sectors are listed below.

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When you transfer your business operations to RedZebra, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits. These include:

Call Management module
Mobile App Management

RedZebra Mobile is designed for use by your engineers and will speed up the time it takes them to record details of jobs when they’re out in the field. This clever web-based software runs on handheld devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, so that your engineers can take RedZebra with them wherever they’re on call. User-friendly and intuitively laid out, it allows engineers to create Field Reports on the go, recording actions taken during jobs and assigning them to a particular customer and site location.


Every service organisation needs to get the right information to the right people at the right time. RedZebra’s comprehensive reporting tool provides the insight needed, fully customised to your specific requirements, to monitor and optimise all aspects of your field service operations.

Stock Management

It can be challenging to keep track of items you may be holding at different stock locations, such as your warehouses and vans, but not with RedZebra’s stock module. Using this module, you’ll be able to keep tabs on how much stock you have, where it is, and where it’s going. Keep reading to find out more about the powerful features of this useful module.