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When you run a busy water treatment, pumps or drainage business with a host of water and wastewater services, you’re constantly juggling numerous types of call. From controlling a Legionella outbreak to tackling corrosion and deposition issues in boiler water, you need to be able to assign the right specialist water treatment engineer to the job, and in a timely manner. That’s where RedZebra’s field service management software for water treatment businesses can help.

Designed to help you meet the demands of the competitive water treatment industry and offer the best possible customer service, our water treatment business software has all the features you need for comprehensive call logging, customer management, stock control and more. It speeds up paperwork, thereby reducing costs and delays, and for total convenience your water treatment engineers can access it from anywhere, on any device.

Keep reading to find out more about how RedZebra’s service management software could help streamline your water treatment business.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

Water Treatment Field Service Management Software Features

RedZebra is packed with functions designed to help you run your business with maximum efficiency. Some of its key features include:
Customer management

Effortlessly manage your customer data with RedZebra’s powerful customer management features. Designed to act as your account nerve centre, this is where you can securely store all the data you hold for each customer for easy access from anywhere, including a complete water treatment service history, contracts and service level agreements.

Call logging
This allows you to prioritise, schedule and assign incoming calls to the nearest appropriately qualified water treatment engineer. Not only that, but our call management software allows your engineers to record details of work carried out, including capturing customer signatures. It’s also the perfect place to log information about engineers’ annual leave and sick days.
Stock control
Make sure you always have spare parts, disinfectants and everything else you need for providing water treatment services. Our stock management software keeps tabs on how much you have remaining of every item your engineers could need, including items stored across a fleet of vans. You can even set up alerts to let you know when something is running low.
Quotes & Invoicing
Quote for water treatment jobs with ease using the Quotes module, which lets you keep track of quotes you’ve sent so that you can maximise incoming business. Send all your invoices directly from the software and never miss a payment. Save time by setting up recurring invoices and sending invoices in bulk, and link it to your accounting software to save even more time.
Our comprehensive reporting capabilities make it easy to assess the performance of your water treatment business, from individual engineers’ output to your overall KPIs.
On-premises or in the cloud
Whether your water treatment business is looking for field service management software option from a premised location or the cloud – we can help. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

Key Benefits of our Water Treatment Software

We’ve designed RedZebra water treatment software to help you achieve greater efficiency for your business. Water treatment companies already using RedZebra are enjoying benefits such as:

Enhanced communication

RedZebra means it couldn’t be easier to communicate with your customers and water treatment engineers.

Improved customer service
Deal quickly and efficiently with customers’ requests, with customer service histories ensuring that your engineers always have the facts at their fingertips.
Save time & money

By speeding up paperwork and reducing delays, this service management software helps you operate more efficiently while freeing up budget for investment in other areas of your business.

Avoid duplication & errors

You only need to enter information once, which reduces the time you spend on paperwork at the same time as reducing the potential for human error. RedZebra also renders problems reading poor handwriting a thing of the past.

Customised to your exact needs

RedZebra’s data input fields can be customised to ensure you’re recording the data you need, no matter how specific it is to water treatment.

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