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When you run a lift maintenance business, dealing with calls in a timely fashion is essential – whether you’re conducting routine maintenance or you’re called to an emergency situation in which people are stuck in an elevator. Whatever the job, you need to be able to prioritise incoming calls and dispatch the nearest available lift maintenance and repair engineer to the job. RedZebra helps you do just that, and plenty more besides.

Perfect for elevator service and maintenance businesses, our software offers a powerful suite of functions designed to help you run your business with maximum efficiency and offer the best possible service to your customers. From prioritising and assigning incoming calls to keeping track of stock, it is the field service software every busy lift maintenance business needs to deliver a sterling service.

Keep reading to find out how we can help take your elevator maintenance business to the next level.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

Elevator Maintenance Software Features

When you sign up to RedZebra elevator business software, you can look forward to a range of sophisticated features including the following:
Customer Management
Keep a secure database of all your customer details in the customer management module, including service level agreements, contracts and lift maintenance schedules. This module can accommodate customers who have multiple sites, as well as storing a history of elevator maintenance and other work completed on each site.
Call logging

Software that makes prioritising incoming calls easy thanks to a simple colour-coding system, while sat nav tracking and a map view mean you can track lift engineers’ locations and assign jobs to the nearest technician. When they complete a job, they can sign into the call management software on a mobile device to log details of work carried out and capture customer signatures for sign-off.

Stock control
Manage stock levels within your elevator field service software so that you never run out of spare parts using the Stock module, which keeps track of how much is left back at base and across your fleet of vans. Set alerts to let you know when something’s running low.
Quotes & Invoicing

You’ll never miss a payment thanks to an Invoicing module that means you’ll always know the status of outstanding invoices. Send quotes with the Quotes module and make the most of incoming business enquiries.

A comprehensive reporting suite makes it easy to keep track of the metrics that matter to you, enabling you to stay informed on your business’s performance and send sleek reports to stakeholders.
On-premises or in the Cloud
Our service software for elevator maintenance is available both as an on-premise solution, or if required, from within the cloud for access from anywhere.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

Key Benefits of our Elevator Service Software

Some of the key benefits of RedZebra software, include:

Enhanced communication

Our service software makes two-way communications with your lift maintenance engineers a breeze. They get all the information they need about each job instantly, while you can see where they are so that you know which jobs to assign to them. They log jobs remotely via their handheld devices, so you’ll never struggle to read poor handwriting again.

Improved customer service

From speedier response times to customer satisfaction monitoring, RedZebra enables you to deliver a next-level service to your customers.

Save time & money

Designed to speed up your admin, our software brings valuable savings in both time and money. Some RedZebra customers choose to replace laptops with handheld devices to reduce overheads, while many are able to reduce their headcounts due to the efficiency enabled by this powerful software.

Avoid duplication & errors

Because you’ll only ever need to enter information once, this allows you to eliminate duplication, saving time. It also reduces the chance of human error.

Customised to your exact needs

You’ll be able to customise the data entry input fields to suit the requirements of your elevator maintenance businesses, whether that’s logging specific details about the elevators you service for each customer or handling details of maintenance schedules for different brands of lift.

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