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Field Service refers to the work operations performed outside of the office or company grounds.

In field service, the engineers (aka technicians or drivers) are sent to off-site locations in order to complete the job. This commonly includes work tasks such as repairs, inspections and sales consultations. 

A busy service company will often be juggling team, tools, devices and tasks – and all these resources need to be organised, streamlined and up to date. With RedZebra field service management software; the team can communicate easily, see information in real-time and complete Calls effectively. It gives your workforce the resources and tools they need to do their jobs to their best ability and improve customer service in the process.

There are two kinds of FSM software to choose from; cloud-based or on-premise.

Cloud-based service software stores data remotely, allowing multi-user access at any given time. It’s beneficial to businesses because no data is loss due to a computer or device malfunctioning. 

On premise solutions are often more customizable and provide straightforward integrations with other established systems. It’s a great choice if your company needs a lot of customisations to meet business processes, prefer scheduled updates and for the software to be installed on your own server.

Investing in field service management (FSM) software will help manage and assist every resource that goes into your field service business. There is a significant number of immediate and long-term benefits such as:

  • Reduced fuel costs, from optimising engineer routes
  • Ability to collect, track and analyse important data
  • A centralised database
  • Increased number of first-time fixes, with a quicker reaction time
  • Enhanced communication, inside and outside of the office
  • Automated invoicing and dispatching
  • Empowered field service engineers
  • Information available in real-time
  • Saving time spent on repetitive administration processes
  • Two-way communication with customers
  • Proactively monitored stock and inventory

For service businesses to keep up with growing operational costs, retaining talent, expanding service needs and increasingly high customer expectations, they need up-to-date technology that grows with their business.

Many companies will implement a handful of solutions over time, but fail to make them work simultaneously.

It’s vital for your resources to fit together and play to their strengths. RedZebra software can take the strain off your workforce, give them space to share knowledge, automate certain tasks, provide visibility and support the business effectively.

RedZebra is so versatile, that its being used across multiple different industries in the UK and overseas. It will help manage and assist every resource that goes into your field service business, streamline the workload, visualise goals and support your field service engineers while out on the road. Our FSM software enables your team to connect, iron out your business processes and boost customer experience.

RedZebra is more than just field engineer management software – A host of other modules let you effectively manage numerous aspects of running your business, from quoting for work to sending out invoices, managing your stock levels and more. We can arrange

That’s easy – Field Service Management! If you’re looking for a job or would like to chat to somebody in the team, please email [email protected].

Field Service operations need to evolve with the growth in asset complexity. With a connected workforce, automation and mobile capabilities, field service engineers will learn how and when to service equipment. Customers will also experience a better journey, with cloud-based digital services and applications like our Customer Portal.

Field service management software will continue to transform by these technologies in the future.

Most Common FAQ's

Sure! Get in contact with our Sales Team at [email protected], and they will book you in for an online demonstration and give you access to our free trial system.

RedZebra runs on all handheld devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, enabling your engineers to take it with them wherever they’re on call.

It’s super user-friendly! Simply drag and drop Calls into the engineer’s diary, and then you can click on the Calls to view more information. You can also use it to manage engineer sick days and annual leave, in it’s Outlook-style calendar.

Yes. RedZebra logs, records and monitors all calls in line with your pre-defined service level agreements and prioritises all calls within these parameters. You can also have different charge rates for different types of work and under different contract agreements.

Standard | Premium | Engineer | Enterprise

RedZebra is a modular application using the latest technology to provide a scalable system for all organisations. Our software can be tailored with modules that best suit your business and team, and we are here to help guide you through these options.

Yes. RedZebra is multi-user, meaning that several users can log and update jobs simultaneously.

RedZebra includes F-Gas functionality to record, monitor and report on the usage of refrigerant.

Yes, RedZebra provides a comprehensive history of all calls, which can then be reported on in multiple ways, including by customer, site engineer and many more filters.

Yes, customers can use the Customer Portal, which provides multi-level access that allows them to log and view their own calls.

Yes, our Customer module provides a postcode look-up function that makes it quicker to add new sites, and links to several live postcode data providers.

The best way.. is to make a decision on what you want to achieve, address your basic operational needs and don’t forget to consider your data. A lot of companies will have systems in place for different elements of their business, which can make it tricky to implement a new service management system. But the key to making it run smoothly is to make sure we know your company’s goals and preferences, ensure your service team are all onboard and they know how to use it to its full potential.

Different businesses have different requirements and operational procedures, and we understand that the training you require needs to reflect that. Our training packages are designed to meet the needs of your business, so we’re happy to put together bespoke courses if our standard training isn’t quite what you’re looking for. We’ll also help you discover new features so that you can get even more out of the software.

After installation, we will send you an Excel spreadsheet with headers which you can populate with your company’s current data. Once we’ve received it, we will map it and upload on your RedZebra database for you. Our Training & Implementation team are to help – as much or as little as you need.

RedZebra is a powerful and configurable field service management software, connecting your team for seamless business processes and improved customer service. The RedZebra team are here to support you 24/7 and ensure you get the most out of your training along the way.

Training can be carried out either remotely or on-site. It’s up to you whether you come to our offices for your training sessions or we come to you. Most of our customers prefer us to come to them, because as well as being more convenient, this allows them to receive training in the context in which they’ll be using the software.

Please make sure you have RedZebra installed on a machine that everybody can view. And if this is not your first session, we suggest coming up with a list of features you’d like us to cover.

To book your training session, please contact the Training & Implementation team on [email protected].

For whatever reason, you or another user cannot log in, it only takes a few simple steps to reset your password.

[Click on your Username Menu in the top right corner of Call2Field – select Codes – select User – Click the Pencil icon next to the relevant user’s name – tick Reset Password – click Update]

For more information, please call our Support Team on 01296 350350 or refer to the Help Manual within Call2Field.

Please call 01296 350350 or email [email protected].

Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If we’re unable to take your call, you will be redirected to an out-of-hours service and anything urgent will be forwarded to the team accordingly. 

We want you to get the most out of your RedZebra Software – give our Support Team a call on 01296 350350 and they’ll be able to help you.

Absolutely! Please send your question to [email protected] and one of the Support team will be in touch soon.

Let us know who you need to speak to here.

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