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Successful businesses in the service industry need the right technology to keep them running smoothly, and that’s where our field service engineer software can help. RedZebra is a powerful service engineer management software solution that provides a comprehensive call logging, scheduling and service management package for businesses like yours.

Designed to make it easy to communicate with your engineers while they’re out in the field, RedZebra works on smartphones, tablets and laptop devices so that your engineers can log into it wherever the job takes them. What’s more, our field engineer scheduling software makes it a breeze to schedule and prioritise incoming calls, speeding up paperwork and reducing time delays and costs.

But RedZebra is more than just field engineer management software. A host of other modules let you effectively manage numerous aspects of running your business, from quoting for work to sending out invoices, managing your stock levels and more.

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Customer Management

The Customer module of RedZebra keeps all your customer data in one place, making it easy to access customer information and manage accounts. It acts as your account nerve centre, giving you a place to record notes and maintain the high level of service your customers and clients expect from you.

Call Management

RedZebra’s Call module gives you all the space you need to add, monitor, schedule and store details about calls. This powerful yet intuitive system has been designed to allow you to operate smoothly and efficiently and provide a top notch service to your clients or customers. Keep reading to find out more about its top features.

Stock Management

It can be challenging to keep track of items you may be holding at different stock locations, such as your warehouses and vans, but not with RedZebra’s Stock module. Using this module, you’ll be able to keep tabs on how much stock you have, where it is, and where it’s going. Keep reading to find out more about the powerful features of this useful module.


Combining state-of-the-art call and customer management with user-friendly online invoice software, RedZebra is designed to make invoicing as painless as possible, saving your business time and money.

Job Scheduling

Our job scheduling software helps your business to operate with maximum efficiency, making it effortless to stay on top of incoming jobs and schedule them to appropriately qualified engineers.


Every service organisation needs to get the right information to the right people at the right time. RedZebra’s comprehensive reporting tool provides the insight needed, fully customised to your specific requirements, to monitor and optimise all aspects of your field service operations.


Designed to make it quick and easy to quote for jobs and contracts, our job quoting software keeps you in control of your pipeline and helps to maximise your incoming business. See how RedZebra can help to improve your quoting process today.


With high levels of customisation and real-time data, users are able to select the data, sources and visualisation elements to create a bespoke dashboard. And with data readily available, users can dive in and get the answers they need to make informed, beneficial business decisions.

Engineer Tracking

When you operate a busy service management company and want to ensure you run a tight ship, you need to know where your engineers are at any given time. Engineer tracking enables you to respond quickly to incoming calls, dispatching the nearest available engineer to the job so that you can deliver a rapid service.


RedZebra’s field management system Sales module provides everything needed to maximise the value of your customer relationships. It enables Field personnel are able to record valuable company information and contact details, identify prospects, convert them into customers and convert existing customers into prospects.

Customer Portal

RedZebra's Online Customer Portal provides multi-level access that enables your company's customers to log their own calls, view quotes, check equipment status, download their invoices and filter other relevant documents.

Mobile Field Service App

RedZebra runs on handheld devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, so that your engineers can take it with them wherever they’re on call. User-friendly and intuitively laid out, it allows engineers to create Job Reports on the go, recording actions taken during jobs and assigning them to a particular customer and site location.

Job Management

Designed to make light work of job allocation, RedZebra will help you with everything from assigning the right engineer to the job to making sure they have the correct parts and tools required to complete it.

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