Every service organisation needs to get the right information to the right people at the right time to help plan and control operations while minimising costs. Call2Field’s comprehensive reporting tool provides the insight needed, fully customised to your specific requirements, to monitor and optimise all aspects of your field service operations. An extensive library of standard reports and a huge range of report templates make it easy to dive into your data to get the answers you need to make informed, beneficial business decisions.

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Our Reporting Software - What’s Included

Our Reporting software, which is fully integrated with our Call2 Field Service management software, provides everything you need to get the insight and information necessary for efficient and effective operations management. Here are just a few of the key features:

Engaging, Visual Reports

Easily include charts, graphs and even images in your reports to make them engaging and immediately actionable. Reports can be exported in all standard formats including Excel, PDF, Word and CSV and readily shared with the right people.

Extensive Report Template Library

An extensive library of standard report templates cover all aspects of your service operations. They include: comprehensive job sheets templates, invoice and quote templates, planned maintenance templates, service and inspection templates, certificates templates, checklist documentation and more. You can even create dynamic reports based on the context of a screen view such as a job sheet on a call screen or a quote report on a quote screen. Job sheets contextually change to show or hide required sections, such as Service Questions, and job sheet templates can be configured based on call types.

Custom Reports

Easily create custom, bespoke reports that give you the insight and analysis that’s important to your organisation. Refine your data with customisable filtering to focus on specific areas of interest and your key performance indicators. Save your custom filters for future use and enable your people to make better, data-driven decisions to meet defined targets and support your business goals.

Benefits of Our Reporting Software

Our Call2Field Reporting Software provides service organisations with many valuable advantages. Here are just a few:

Time Efficiency

Standard report formats and templates make it quick and easy to retrieve and share actionable information with everyone who needs it enabling fast, timely responses that save money and boost customer satisfaction.

Improved Communications

All aspects of service communications, both internal and external, are supported by our comprehensive reporting software. From invoices and quotes for customers to equipment maintenance schedules and job updates, our reporting module makes it easy to derive what your organisation needs.

Actionable Insights

Reporting, filtering and data analysis provides key insights into all aspects of your service operations, from field-service engineer performance to customer revenue. Insight and knowledge delivers what’s needed to make informed business decisions and save money.

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