We proudly provide field service management software to a wide range of different businesses in the UK. Our field management software helps businesses to work more efficiently, stay connected, and provide better customer service.

Some of our most popular sectors are listed below.

Building Maintenance

When you run a busy building maintenance business, you need a way to juggle different types of reactive building maintenance jobs alongside regular planned maintenance schedules. Find out how our field service management software can help your business.

Fire & Safety

When it comes to installing and maintaining fire safety equipment, providing a timely and professional service is paramount. Find out how our field service software helps safety and fire protection businesses do just this.

Catering Equipment

Working in professional catering equipment installation, you’re always aware of the importance of ensuring that commercial equipment is installed and maintained to the appropriate regulatory standards. Learn how our field service management software helps.

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Elevator Maintenance

When you run a lift maintenance business, dealing with calls in a timely fashion is essential - whether you’re conducting routine maintenance or you’re called to an emergency situation in which people are stuck in an elevator. Our software can help.

Retail & EPOS

Working in the retail sector installing and maintaining EPOS hardware and software, you need a way to organise your engineers’ busy schedules in such a way that your customers get the best possible service. Learn how our service management software can help.

HVAC & Refrigeration

Whether your business focuses on heating, ventilation, air conditioning, or refrigeration, you’re likely to be juggling a huge range of different jobs at any given time. Our field service software helps to maintain the level of service your customers expect from you.

Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is a highly specialised area that requires a huge degree of professionalism and care. From logistics of transporting expensive medical equipment to the sensitivity required to install and maintain it in clinical environments, our software can help.

Security Equipment

When you’re providing security equipment installation services, you’re giving your customers valuable peace of mind by helping to make their homes or businesses safer. Working in the security industry requires the utmost level of professionalism. Find out how we can help.

Water Treatment

When you run a busy water treatment, pumps or drainage business with a host of water and wastewater services, you’re constantly juggling numerous types of call. Find out how our field service management software for water treatment businesses can help.

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Cleaning Equipment

RedZebra software will help ensure that the cleaning equipment and supplies required by your clients are always available where they need it and when they need it. Our software enables you to keep track of your customer’s cleaning equipment needs and make certain they are always fulfilled in a timely manner.


Our field service management software is a powerful tool that will help optimise all aspects of your telecommunications supply and servicing business. Using our software will ensure you deliver professional service at all times - from initial equipment installation to after-service maintenance and product support.

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