Powerful and configurable field service management software

A cloud-based solution to connect your field service engineers with your office based team for seamless business processes and improved customer service. 

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Field Service Software Features.
What's Included?

Our field service scheduling software provides a comprehensive Call Logging and Service Management package. The field service software also provides communication with your engineers in the field using smartphone, tablet, mobile and laptop devices, speeding up paperwork and reducing time delays and costs.

Take a look below at some of our field service management system features.

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Customer data management is a vital part of ensuring you offer the best possible service to your customers.

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Running a busy service business means finding a way to juggle the conflicting demands of numerous calls coming in at any given time.

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Keeping track of stock levels can be a challenge, particularly when it’s in lots of different locations.
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When you’re quoting for work, you want to make sure you make a great first impression to your potential customer.
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Make light work of billing customers, linking up with individual calls so that each and every job is invoiced in a timely manner.

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Dive into your data to get the answers you need to make informed, beneficial business decisions.

The benefits of using Field Service Management Systems

A 365, 24/7 operation can’t work without an integrated field service management tool – it’s as simple as that. But the benefits of our software go beyond this obvious fact. Here are just a few of the ways in which it could transform your business, and which make it one of the best field service management software solutions in the UK.

Enhance Communication

Our service management software enables better two-way communication, reducing mobile bills, making scheduling more efficient, allowing engineers to get more information, and eliminating issues with poor handwriting.

Avoid Duplication

With our field engineer management tools, you’ll only ever have to enter information once. A single entry reduces the risk of errors and missing information, as well as making it faster for engineers to update records and creating a centralised database of service information.

Save Money

As well as saving money by speeding up paperwork and eliminating duplication, our field service software enables you to reduce work in progress, and with direct links to payroll, invoicing, warranty and contracts, it streamlines your accounting and reduces bad debt.

Save Time

Our field engineer scheduling software speeds up logging and reporting calls, as well as making it simple to allow different engineers to work on an on-going problem. It also helps you control driving hours, returns to office and issues surrounding lone working.

Improve Customer Service

Our service management software helps you offer the best possible service to your customers. Not only does it give you historical data that helps you offer a first-time fix, but it also makes customer satisfaction monitoring straightforward.

On-Premises Or In The Cloud

Choose the format that suits your business operation, whether you’re office-based or need to access it from anywhere, our fsm software can be adapted around your organisations needs.

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Looking for the best field service software in the UK? Businesses across a huge range of industries use our service management system to streamline their operations and enjoy greater time and cost efficiencies. Here are some of the industries currently running on RedZebra.

We proudly provide our service management software to a range of small and large UK businesses, helping them to streamline performance and processes, and improve customer service. Take a look at how we’ve helped some of our customers with our fsm software.

The Coventry-based supplier of intruder alarms, CCTV, access control and fire alarm systems, has good cause this week to celebrate finally tackling the automation of paperwork for its field engineers.

Aylesbury Fire Systems wanted a cost-effective and user-friendly system that would allow the smooth collaboration of data across the company, reducing their paperwork and enabling faster response times.

“RedZebra has been one of our key partnerships to deliver reliable field service reporting and information that our customers respect and admire. Working together has increased our efficiency…”