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Field Service Management Software

When you manage a team of field engineers, keeping track of who’s doing what and where can be a challenge. Add to that the need to prioritise and assign incoming calls, log details of work carried out and obtain customer sign-off, and you have an operation that requires careful coordination to ensure top-quality customer service is maintained at all times. That’s where Call2Field service management software comes in.

Call2Field is a powerful, field service management solution designed to provide your business with a complete call logging and service management package. Our service management system is an all-in-one answer to all your service management problems, capable of speeding up paperwork, reducing time delays and making significant cost savings. Your engineers can access our field service software anywhere on a mobile device, improving communication and enabling them to deliver a superior service, whatever the job. 

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Our Field Service Software Features - What’s Included?

We’ve thought of everything for our field service management system. Keep reading to find out more about each of the ways Call2Field field management software can help streamline your business.

Customer Management

Call2Field field management software makes managing customer details effortless. It acts as your account nerve centre, storing all your customer data securely in one place. It’s capable of handling customer data for those who operate from multiple sites, as well as storing contracts and service level agreements for easy access. As well as helping you manage customer accounts, Call2Field gives your service engineers somewhere to record notes on each job, wherever they are. This helps you to maintain a high level of customer service at all times


Find out more about our Customer Management module.

Call Logging

Log, manage and schedule calls with our Call Logging module, which gives you a convenient place to record details of calls and allows your field service engineers to report information such as parts used. The colour-coding system simplifies categorising and prioritising calls, and you can map and track the geographic location of each call to make it easy to assign calls to the nearest available field service engineer. You’ll also be able to see engineer availability and manage holiday and sick days, so you’ll immediately know who to assign a job to. 


Find out more about our Call Logging Module.

Stock Control Management

Keep track of what stock you have and where it’s going with Call2Field’s powerful stock control management capabilities. The field service software allows you to record details of stock you’re holding in multiple locations on and off-site, whether it’s sitting in warehouses, vans or anywhere else. As well as keeping track of parts and products, this module also allows you to create Sales and Purchase Orders directly from the software, so you’ll always know where stock is coming from and going to.


Find out more about our Stock Management Module.


Quoting for jobs and contracts couldn’t be easier with Call2Field. Keep track of the status of your quotes to help maximise incoming business, and easily convert quotes to and from jobs, calls and sales orders. You’ll have instant access to your report pipeline, and you’ll be able to add date- and time-stamped notes and attachments to your quotes. To simplify future quoting, you can copy quotes, use templates and add your own fields to suit your business.


With the Invoicing module, you’ll never miss a payment. It allows you to create and send contract, job and sales order invoices directly from your Call2Field software, helping to reduce bad debt. Send invoices individually or in batches to save time, and email job invoices with copies of job reports. You can also link Call2Field with your accounts system for seamless accounting.


Call2Field’s comprehensive reporting tool makes reporting effortless, with advanced report filters that allow you to pull up details on the metrics that matter most to you. Make your reports even easier to digest by adding graphs, pie charts and comparisons, and set your own KPIs. Export to Excel, PDF or Word format when you want to distribute reports to other stakeholders, and set up scheduled reporting via email to receive regular updates on your business’s performance.

Complete Field Service Systems To Manage Your Team

Redzebra Software specialises in the development, supply and implementation of field service management software solutions.

Our field service management software provides a comprehensive Call Logging and Service Management package. The service software also provides communication with your engineers in the field using smartphone, tablet, mobile and laptop devices, speeding up paperwork and reducing time delays and costs.

Call2Field functions
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Call2Field - Who is our Field Management Software for?


Businesses across a huge range of industries use our Call2Field field management software to streamline their operations and enjoy greater time and cost efficiencies. Here are some of the industries currently running on Call2Field.

  • Catering
  • Heating
  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Refrigeration
  • Garage & Forecourt Equipment
  • Instrumentation & Machine Tools
  • Medical Equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Office Equipment
  • Security & Fire Protection
  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Engineering
  • Leisure

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

A 365, 24/7 operation can’t work without an integrated service management solution - it’s as simple as that. But the benefits of field service management software tools go beyond this obvious fact. Here are just a few of the ways in which it could transform your business, and which make it one of the best service management software solutions in the UK.

Improve communication - field services management software enables better two-way communication, reducing mobile bills and making scheduling more efficient thanks to features such as sat nav tracking. Engineers get more information, and poor handwriting is no longer a problem. Cameras and email can be used to report problems, while data on aspects such as spare parts and time sheets is integrated into one place.

Avoid duplication - with field service management software, you’ll only ever have to enter information once. A single entry reduces the risk of errors and missing information, as well as making it faster for engineers to update records and creating a centralised database of service information. Poor handwriting and duplicate information are a thing of the past with our field service management tool

Save money - as well as saving money by speeding up paperwork and eliminating duplication, our field service system reduces your costs to free up budget for other areas of your business. It enables you to reduce Work In Progress, and with direct links to payroll, invoicing, warranty and contracts, it streamlines your accounting and reduces bad debt. Some businesses are able to make cost reductions by replacing laptops with handheld devices, while savings in headcount often mean savings in IT, vehicles, office space or whole locations

Save time - service management software speeds up logging and reporting calls, as well as making it simple to allow different engineers to work on an on-going problem. It also helps you control driving hours, returns to office and issues surrounding lone working.

Enhance customer service - field service management software helps you offer the best possible service to your customers. Not only does Call2Field give you historical data that helps you offer a first-time fix, but it also makes customer satisfaction monitoring straightforward.

Available On-premises or on the Cloud - choose the format that suits your business operation, whether you’re office-based or need to access it from anywhere.

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Cloud-based Service Management Software

Designed for busy service businesses, our cloud-based field service management solutions give you instant access from wherever you are, using a PC, laptop, iPad, tablet, smartphone or anything else with a web browser. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll have the full software at your fingertips.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an established service business, it’s impossible to ignore the benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS). Bringing you all the functionality of our Call2Field service software with the convenience of 24/7 access from anywhere, the cloud version also offers fantastic cost savings and eliminates the need for IT maintenance. 

We can get you up and running within 24 hours, so your business can reap the benefits of taking your Service Management Software online in no time at all.

Secure and seamless

We understand that security is paramount, so with our cloud-based field service management software, you’ll never need to worry about the security or loss of your data. Our field management service software takes care of hosting and backing up your software on our secure servers, leaving you free to concentrate on running your service business.

You won’t have to concern yourself with IT maintenance either, as the software sits on our server with nothing to install or manually back up. What’s more, it can be seamlessly integrated with your existing accounting systems, making your processes more efficient and saving valuable time.

Save money with SaaS

For one simple monthly payment, you’ll receive a host of benefits from our cloud-based service management software:

Intuitive Service Management Software available anywhere, at any time
Hosting included, so you won’t have to run it on your own IT hardware
Back-ups on our secure server, so you’ll never lose any important data
Regular software updates and support whenever you need it
Affordable on-demand pricing with no high installation costs
Easy to scale up as your business grows




Our office staff & service engineers find the Call2field software user friendly. The RedZebra staff are knowledgeable & helpful.

Eunice Booker

Water Solution

No more lost or damaged job sheets – now we get information back same day with customers signature.

Paul Wilton

Gym Support

The Call2Field software enables us to communicate efficiently with our Field based engineers.

Tony Bosworth

Impact Air Systems