What is Field Service Software?

Field Service Management (FSM) is a way of organising and optimizing your workforce in operations outside of the office.

Field service management software helps businesses manage all the elements involved in field service, while supporting the field engineers on the road. Field service management is applicable to many different fields and industries in the field-operations business, from sales, consultations, maintenance, customer service, repair and regular inspections. It helps office users, and field users alike, to process jobs, schedule recurring work, manage customer service contracts, produce invoices, provide reporting analytics, and more.

RedZebra provides FSM software to companies working in a multitude of industries, such as HVAC and refrigeration, catering equipment, telecommunications, fire and safety, and water treatment. Take a look here to see some of our most popular sectors.

Field service management software capabilities vary per provider, but they should include scheduling and resource allocation options, the tracking of field service workforce, management and support of service customer contracts, mobile apps and tools for engineers to use in the field, and inventory stock control.

RedZebra offers a solution with an easy-to-use interface, a comprehensive reporting tool, management and admin dashboards, a customer portal, and it gives field engineers the ability to work offline.

Why is field service management software important?

A busy service company will often be juggling team, tools, devices and  tasks – and all these resources need to be organised, streamlined and up to date. Without a system in place, it would be almost impossible to run a small field service business efficiently.

With field service management software; the team can communicate easily, see information in real-time and complete Calls effectively. It gives the workforce the resources and tools to do their jobs to their best ability and improve customer service on the way.

RedZebra will not only enhance internal communication, but with your customers too. It allows you to monitor customer satisfaction and provides you with the historical data you need with a simple click. When using RedZebra software you can expect to save time on reporting, logging and administration. It will help to avoid duplication, speed up paperwork and allow multiple users to access the Call if needed.

At its most basic level, field service management software will improve agility and efficiency – whether it’s Field Service Engineers accessing work through a mobile app, Service Managers planning team and resources, or the Service Director looking for a business overview on Dashboard.

What are the challenges in field service management?

Field service leaders face many challenges; from retaining talent, to growing operational costs. In order to keep up with expanding service needs and high customer expectations, service businesses need up-to-date technology that grows with them.

RedZebra offers a modular system, scalable for organisations big and small. It can be tailored with modules that best suit your business and team, with the ability to add new modules or purchase more licences when you need to.

Mobile Field Engineers have first-hand experience in scheduling conflicts, miscommunication over jobs, and having to make several trips back to the office in a day. With the correct service system in place, these challenges can be overcome.

RedZebra runs on all handheld devices, including smart phones and laptops, so your mobile service engineers have the ability to work from anywhere. They can view asset and equipment history, complete job sheets, process billing and communicate in real-time.

The key to managing any field service challenge in your way, is to have a system in place that automates certain tasks. FSM software will take the strain off your workforce, give them space to share knowledge effortlessly and support the business effectively.

Many companies will implement a handful of solutions over time, but fail to make them work simultaneously. For field service to run without difficulty, it’s vital for resources to fit together and play to their strengths. Service teams need end-to-end solutions, managers need visibility and customers are able to self-serve.

Who should use FSM software?

Anyone working in field service industry. The list includes, but is certainly not limited to; Security, Fire and Safety, Retail, HVAC, Telecommunications, Building Maintenance, and more. It’s for anyone that shifts between offsite and onsite locations, or who manages multiple individuals and tasks concurrently.

Field service management software will improve communication between teams and streamline the day-to-day activities.

Where can you expect to see the benefits of FSM software?
How to implement Field Service Management?

A high-powered field service management system is crucial to run an effective service business. With all the activities, members of staff, forms of data and responsibilities, field service management software will provide you with a single solution offering all the features and capabilities your company needs.

The best way to implement field service management software is to make a decision on what you want to achieve with it, ensure it addresses your basic business needs and don’t forget to consider your data.

A lot of companies will have systems in place for different elements of their business, which can make it tricky to implement a new service management system. The key to making it run smoothly is to make certain that the FSM software has your company’s goals and preferences set, check that your service team are all onboard and everyone learns how to use it to its full potential.

RedZebra is a powerful and configurable field service management software, connecting your field service engineers with your office-based team for seamless business processes and improved customer service. The RedZebra team are here to support you 24/7 and ensure you get the most out of your training along the way.

There are two kinds of FSM software to choose from.

Cloud-based service software stores data remotely, allowing multi-user access at any given time. It’s beneficial to businesses because no data is loss due to a computer or device malfunctioning. Normally, cloud-based products are charged using a monthly subscription.

On-premise solutions are often more customizable and provide straightforward integrations with other established systems. This software can be less expensive over time, because it’s a larger one-off purchase at the start. It’s a great choice if your company needs a lot of customisations to meet business processes, prefer scheduled updates and for software to be installed on your own server.

The future of FSM

Businesses in field service operations must evolve with the growth in asset complexity. A connected workforce will be able to handle any asset, from anywhere, at any time, on any cloud.

Using automation, mobile capabilities, and artificial intelligence (AI) support, field service engineers will learn how and when to service equipment and gain significant insights from their internet of things (IoT) devices.

With access to cloud-based digital services and applications like RedZebra’s Customer Portal, customers will also experience a better journey.

Field service management software will continue to transform by these technologies in the future.

How can RedZebra FSM software help your business?

Field service management software helps manage and assist every resource that goes into your field service business. It will help to streamline the workload, visualise goals and support your field service engineers while out on the road.

This kind of software really helps your team to connect, iron out your business processes and boost customer experience. There is a significant number of immediate and long-term benefits to investing in field service management software!

RedZebra is so versatile, that its being used across multiple different industries in the UK and overseas. Get in touch today by contacting 01296 350350 or [email protected].