Beyond the sales floor

Keeping the floors clean is important, but retail maintenance goes further than the hoovering and dusting level of upkeep. Maintaining EPOS systems, lighting, machinery and equipment is just as important as the sales and stock management.

Whether you specialise in retail or you offer EPOS equipment to a host of different sectors, you need a way to organise your engineers’ busy schedules whilst providing the best possible service to your customers – with minimum impact on their business.

RedZebra’s retail and EPOS field service management software is a powerful suite of tools designed to help you prioritise and assign incoming calls, manage your field engineers’ work schedules, store your customer data and much more. It can be linked with your accounting software to help you maximise incoming business and avoid bad debt, and it’s also capable of keeping track of your stock.

Do you offer the following solutions to your customers?
  • Entrance Turnstiles
  • Vinyl Printing
  • Checkouts
  • EPOS (Electric Point Of Sale) hardware
  • IQM Product ranges
  • Petrol Filling Station
  • Gym Equipment
  • Leisure & Entertainment facilities

Regular maintenance will reduce the risk of failures for your customers, and having field service engineer software in your business will save you time and money, whilst helping to provide a better and more efficient customer experience.

Looking for the best field service management software in the UK?

Choose RedZebra – It comes with all the features you’d expect from a widely-used and popular field service software app. It provides everything that busy field service organisations like yours need, plus a great reputation. If you’d like to explore the potential in more detail, you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 01296 350350.

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