Benefits of Mobile Field Service Management

RedZebra runs on handheld devices, including smartphones, tablets and laptops, so that your engineers can take it with them wherever they’re on call. Engineers are able to create job reports on the go, recording actions taken during jobs and assigning them to a particular customer and site location.

Designed for your engineers when they’re out in the field, our field service engineer software is packed full of features to make they’re job easier.

AND most importantly,

  • Engineers can work offline
  • Greater efficiency
Online or Offline

Some places still struggle to get an internet connection, which can cause all sorts of communication issues in the field. It’s good to know that RedZebra software works on all mobile platforms and devices, including IOS and Android. It even works offline, which means your engineers can use the app in out-of-the-way places with limited or no connectivity.

Location Tracking

You can’t allocate tasks efficiently when you don’t know exactly where your field service agents are located. The location tracking offered by a great field service scheduling app lets you allocate tasks very efficiently, minimising the travel time between jobs and allowing your engineers to arrive at the customer’s site more quickly. This kind of highly efficient route planning saves time and expense as well as delivering brilliant service. It’s also easier to allocate jobs to the field personnel who have the most relevant skills and experience.

Field Reporting

There’s nothing quite so efficient and error-free as letting field personnel log and record details of the service calls they’ve handled in real time. It’s so much easier than waiting until they get back to the office before they can complete the details. It saves on administration costs as well as delivering yet another way to reduce the risk of errors and omissions.

Multiple engineers

RedZebra Mobile means you can assign jobs to any of your engineers at any time, allowing you to use different engineers for on-going problems.

Field Service Management Software FAQs

Can our engineers complete timesheets and expenses?

Yes, your field engineers can use RedZebra to complete their timesheets and expenses as well as logging job details.

Can engineers view the service history?

Yes, engineers can view the service history for the customer they’re working on, so they’re equipped with all the facts they may need for the job.

Do engineers see all our information?

No, the mobile software simply provides the required information to complete each Job. Additional information is available, but with options to restrict what is shown.

Can we build in specific questions?

Yes, RedZebra Mobile field service management software can be customised to capture all the information you require your engineers to record on each job.

Does RedZebra have the facility to handle risk assessments?

Yes, you can use RedZebra to handle and store risk assessments for each job.

Can I use RedZebra Engineer Tracking Software on my mobile?

Yes. As with all elements of RedZebra, engineer tracking is available on any device, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Do you train all our engineers?

We can provide training for your engineers, either on-site or remotely. This can be done for all your engineers at once, or individually as they start to use the software.

Can subcontractors use our mobile software?

Yes, in fact we have a version of RedZebra specifically built for your subcontractors to use.

Why Choose RedZebra?

The best field service app does so much for a business. It comes with all the features you’d expect from a widely-used and popular field service software app, a field service tracking app with a great reputation. When you’re planning to ditch the clipboard in favour of a business-changing remote field service app you can’t do better than the RedZebra Software. It provides everything that busy field service organisations like yours need. If you’d like to explore the potential in more detail, you can email us at [email protected]m or call 01296 350350.