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Retail Maintenance with Effective Field Service Management

When working in the retail industry, engineers maintaining EPOS systems need to work quickly and efficiently in order to minimise the impact on the business and provide the best possible service to clients. 

From escalators to fridges and freezers, there are a huge number of problems which can arise when it comes to providing maintenance support for retail. In this guide, we’ll look at the challenges of retail maintenance and how effective field service software can help.

The challenges of retail maintenance 

When it comes to retail, there are a number of different sectors which require a variety of technical systems that are essential for business. From the fridges and freezers in supermarkets, to lifts and escalators in large department stores – it’s important for these systems to be in continuous operation to drive sales, reduce costs and ultimately ensure customer satisfaction.

In order to minimise any impact on business, the maintenance of these systems is imperative and both maintenance engineers and service providers play a huge role in this. With the right retail maintenance management software, engineers are able to rectify issues with ease, allowing them constant access to inventories to enable them to operate efficiently. Without this software, engineers may have to wait for weeks for spare parts to arrive, causing the customer to lose out on business.

The Importance of EPoS Systems

EPoS software plays a huge role in any retail environment. From chip and pin card machines to tills and cash registers, it’s imperative that these EPoS systems are reliable, otherwise there could be a huge impact on both sales and customer experience.  

EPoS System Maintenance

With so many competitors on the high street, any issues with card readers or till systems could result in a huge loss for any business – both reputation and revenue. This is why the maintenance of EPoS systems is of huge importance and with the addition of field service management software, maintenance becomes a lot easier.

RedZebra’s software can help those working in the retail sector to run their business more efficiently, allowing for some truly satisfied customers. From improved customer management, to more organised call logging – our RedZebra software can make EPoS system maintenance much more streamlined.

Customer Management 

RedZebra allows you to retain all of your customer data in one central database, allowing for easy access and increased security for your customers. Additionally, it allows you to access any historical data to see previous work that has been carried out and identify any recurring issues with their EPoS systems.

EPoS Spares Stock Management 

Our Call2Field stock module is perhaps one of the most useful features for maintenance engineers. The module allows engineers to keep track of stock levels, giving them the opportunity to identify low stock levels and check the availability of parts.

This is especially useful for those working in the retail sector, as the lead time for spare parts could have a drastic impact on retail clients, causing them to suffer a financial loss if they’re forced to close whilst waiting for a part to arrive. However, the stock management tool will alert you when you’re running low on certain stock, allowing you to keep your customers trading and satisfied.

Efficient Call Allocation

RedZebra’s call logging module helps to prioritise incoming calls and assigns them to the nearest available EPoS engineer, allowing them to provide an efficient service to customers in need.

Analysis and Reporting 

Our enviable reporting feature helps you to generate in-depth reports on your business’ performance, allowing you to quickly and easily share with important stakeholders. Whether you choose a template, or create your own custom report, you’ll have easy access to the metrics you need to continuously improve your business.

Quotes and Efficient Invoicing

Another popular feature of our RedZebra software is the ability to create quotes and invoices at the touch of a button. Additionally, the feature allows you to keep track of your invoices so you can see what needs chasing and ensure you get paid by clients, helping to improve cash flow.

Why Choose RedZebra?

From providing your customers with an efficient service, to helping streamline your engineers’ work process, our field management software is a must-have for those working within the retail sector. Contact us today to discuss our software solutions in more detail. Simply email [email protected] or call us on 01296 350350.