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Benefits of a Work Schedule App

Are you busy researching work scheduling software? If so you’re probably all too aware of the many challenges that exist in mobile workforce management. This article reveals everything you need to know about schedule apps for work, including the many benefits of a top class digital work scheduling program.

What is a Work Scheduling App?

What is scheduling software? As a successful service management company you already know completing jobs to the highest standards in good time is absolutely essential to your customers, therefore to your survival. But how do you cope with running a busy company whose field engineers’ schedules are constantly changing? It’s a challenge, but it’s a challenge that a quality work schedule app for employers is designed to fix.

When you’re looking for the best work scheduling tool, you need to know what they provide. RedZebra Job Scheduling software offers all the functionality you need to maximise your remote team’s efficiency, delight every customer, please your employees, and create a reputation for excellence in your sector.

8 Benefits of Using an Employee Scheduling App 

Effective, efficient call management and work scheduling in a field service context provides many benefits to a business, its employees, and its customers. Here are eight of the most impactful essential benefits of an employee work schedule app.

Coordination of Staff Holidays and Time Off

You can’t achieve truly effective service management unless you know exactly who has booked time off and when. That’s just one benefit of work scheduling apps. You can easily update the app with staff holiday and time off details, which means you don’t make silly mistakes around allocating jobs, therefore annoying your customers and employees. Most important of all, it means you always have enough field service personnel available to meet customer demand, without falling foul of holiday scheduling.

Track and Approve Overtime

A work shift calendar or work calendar app is vital for accurate time tracking, including overtime. No more scraps of paper or emails, no more inefficient SMS messages, no more ‘word of mouth’. Just a user-friendly, simple system that won’t allow you to make mistakes around overtime. As you know, messing with an employee’s money can cause all sorts of dissatisfaction and unhappiness, which makes monitoring and approving overtime accurately crucial to good employee relations.

Improve Staff Training and Onboarding

Shift scheduling software supports your employees in other key ways. The best work schedule apps keep track of every relevant detail about customers, which is extremely beneficial for staff training and familiarisation. The customer management capabilities of RedZebra software are superb, allowing you to easily keep track of all those vital customer details and letting your people get up to speed quickly. When onboarding is this good performance is enhanced, and that’s what we call a win-win.

Enable Staff to Swap Shifts

Employee scheduling is another great benefit of this type of tool. Accurate staff scheduling and coordinating time off are really important, especially when field service staff work in shifts. In this case, a work schedule app will let your people exchange shifts if they need to without hassle. The smoother the process is, the better it is for everyone.

Fast Emergency Response

If something goes catastrophically wrong for a customer, you need to respond in record time. It isn’t a ‘nice to have’, it’s essential for most field service organisations to deal with call-outs quickly. It’s good to know that the engineer tracking capability, along with superb call management from RedZebra software’s work scheduling tool, provides exactly what you need to ensure the right field service personnel arrive at your customer’s site quickly.

Meet Business Requirements

You might have nightmares about losing track of the work carried out by your teams. It’s good to know that the best work scheduling app and work scheduling tools reveal exactly how team members are performing as well as how your customers are responding. In this respect RedZebra software’s excellent custom reporting capabilities do a lot to support better business and plan for an even brighter future.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

It’s easy to understand how work schedule apps for employers also make a valuable and noticeable contribution to customer satisfaction. When the company supporting your business with field service does an exceptional job, customer satisfaction follows close behind. Your customers appreciate the fact that you turn up quickly, send an engineer with the right experience and qualifications, get things fixed quickly, and get accurate paperwork sorted in no time.

Improve Staff Retention

As a field service worker, getting the support you need means such a lot to your sense of being valued, cared for and appreciated. The best work scheduling apps work hard to promote best practice so people know what excellence really means in their context. They showcase employee excellence, reveal the times and situations where praise will make an impact, and in an overall sense make people’s jobs easier and more enjoyable. All this means your employees enjoy their work more and stay with you for longer, reducing expensive recruitment charges and cutting morale-damaging employee churn.

Why Choose Red Zebra?

RedZebra Field Service Software provides everything a busy field service organisation needs to schedule work smoothly and well, perfectly managing mobile workforces with flexibility and skill. It’s one of those tools that makes everyone happy – employers, employees and customers. Would you like to know more about RedZebra’s remarkable field service tool? Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01296 350350 for an exciting, eye-opening conversation.