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Trends in Field Service Management

If you’re looking to save time, money and improve communication, then the emerging trends in digital field service management should certainly be on your radar. 

From reducing the number of costly data errors, to improving employee productivity – there are a huge number of benefits to trends in field service management software. Whether you’re looking to invest in digital field management software for your business, or you simply want to learn more about the latest software trends – we’ll take you through some of the latest updates and their benefits in this guide.

Field Service Management Trends

The global pandemic introduced some huge challenges and changes to the way people work, which is what has driven some of the key field service management trends we’ll see throughout 2021.

Whilst some of the key trends in 2020 were focused on an increase in the reliance on apps and digital software – particularly artificial intelligence – 2021 will see a shift towards improved customer service and software maintenance. After all, with so many people continuing to work from home, it’s imperative that any software issues are quickly addressed and rectified.

Customer Expectations

With a huge number of people looking set to continue working from home, customer expectations will continue to rise. In order to work efficiently, customers need to ensure that they can rely on their equipment and software.

This is where we’ll see a bigger shift towards artificial intelligence and the need for improved communication in order to offer excellent field service support to customers. This means that there will be growth in algorithms and bots, to allow for automatic updates and service repairs, improve first time fix rates and ultimately enhance the customer’s experience.

RedZebra’s software puts the customer first. The software gives customers the ability to access their own account details, providing them with a sense of security and trust and ultimately improving those all-important customer relationships.

Workforce Mobility 

This shift towards increased machine learning will not only improve the customer experience, but it will also improve workforce mobility for field service management engineers

With the ongoing improvements in AI and machine learning within field service management software, the workforce mobility will be dramatically improved, by:

As well as contributing to the improved customer experience, this will also allow for increased staff retention.

Data and Analytics

Perhaps the most important tool for business is access to data and analytics. From websites to customer data and profiling, data and analytics can play a huge role in the continuous growth of any company. 

That’s what makes field service management software such an important tool. With the ability to collect valuable data, businesses can quickly recognise quick fixes and recurrent issues, as well as helping to identify key areas for growth and improvements.

Additionally, with the analytical capabilities of digital field service management tools, organisations are able to continuously offer their customers the best experience and exceed their expectations. From identifying frequently asked questions on chatbots, to being one step ahead when it comes to service repairs, they will all provide an excellent overall customer experience.

Predictive and Proactive Maintenance

Traditionally, there was a ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ approach towards maintenance. However, with the increase in machine learning, companies are able to move towards a more proactive maintenance approach.

This is because advances in machine learning are becoming so advanced that they are able to accurately predict when issues may arise, allowing technicians to be more proactive, rather than reactive and why data-driven field service software is so imperative to any business.

Digital Field Service Management

Many companies were forced to adopt a digital-first approach in light of the global pandemic, there have been a number of obstacles to overcome along the way. From adopting remote working and ensuring servers are secure, to teaching the workforce to use new digital software – organisations have had a lot to deal with. 

Digital field service management is no exception. With the implementation of these emerging trends, digital field management software offers an easy way for companies to make constant improvements and stay on top of their workforce. From scheduling, dispatching and tracking the field workforce, to providing excellent software solutions to allow them to work quickly and efficiently – this digital transformation will soon become imperative to any organisation.

Benefits Provided by Digital Field Service Management

So you know the emerging trends in field service management, but how exactly will these trends provide a positive impact? 

1. Workflow and Scheduling Optimisation

With improved workflow and scheduling capabilities, both the customer and employee experience will be improved, helping you to retain both your staff and your customers.

2. Lower Costs

By reducing the amount of paperwork required for things like payroll and invoicing, digital service management software can result in lower costs for your company, by eliminating duplication and streamlining the accounting process.

3. Improved Communication 

From improving scheduling, to giving engineers easier access to the information they need – digital service management software can have a positive impact on communication, thus, improving service quality.

4. Efficient Inventory Management

Available to field workers on-demand with mobile access, technicians have a detailed overview of which parts are in stock and ready to use for each job, allowing for a more efficient process.

5. Improved Cash Flow

With invoicing and payroll all in one place, you’ll see a huge improvement in cash flow. 

6. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Customers are at the heart of everything we do at RedZebra, and we expect they are in your business too. Our digital field management software will allow you to offer your customers the best, most efficient service possible – improving customer satisfaction and generating leads.

7. Improved Customer Relations

With real-time field service management software, you have the ability to quickly respond to and communicate with customers, helping to answer their queries and keep them in the loop throughout any fixes.

Why Choose Red Zebra?

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