Telecommunications businesses face many challenges in supporting their clients by maintaining their systems, products and services. Organising and managing the work schedules of busy field service engineers so that customers are always provided with the best possible service is one of those challenges. Our service management software is here to help ensure the smooth running of your telecommunications field service teams and keep your customers happy and satisfied.

RedZebra is a powerful tool that will help optimise all aspects of your telecommunications supply and servicing business. Using our software will ensure you deliver professional service at all times – from initial equipment installation to after-service maintenance and product support.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

Telecommunications Business Software Features

The range of outstanding features provided by our service management software will enable you to optimise your telecommunications equipment supply and services organisation. Here are some of the main features:
Customer management
RedZebra makes it simple to manage your telecommunications customer data by acting as the account nerve centre enabling all details to be securely stored in a single, central location. All contact details, addresses, service level agreements and contracts are stored here alongside details of all customer calls and interactions.
Call logging

Incoming customer calls can be prioritised, scheduled and assigned to the most appropriate field service engineer directly from RedZebra which provides a user-friendly colour coding system. Engineers can then directly update the call with details of the work carried out. The system can even capture customer signatures submitted via mobile devices.

Stock control
When responsible for the supply of hardware components ensuring an adequate stock of spares is essential. But spares can be distributed across multiple sites and in various service vehicles. Our stock management facility keeps track of what’s in stock and where it is. The system also provides an alert system to let you know when stocks of important products or spares are running low.
Quotes & Invoicing

The inbuilt quote module makes it simple to send and track quotes directly from the software. This supports ongoing tracking so you never need to lose another prospect. Invoices can also be sent directly from RedZebra, linking directly with your existing accounting system. Invoices may be sent individually, recurring or in bulk and the centralised system helps ensure they get paid on time.


Our comprehensive reporting capabilities allow the creation of sophisticated reports detailing the metrics which are important to your business. Reports can be created using inbuilt templates or custom reports can be designed using relevant metrics.

On-premises or in the cloud
Our field service management software tool can be available from either an office-based installation or from the Cloud. Cloud based access is ideal if you need access to the system from any location. Talk to us about your requirements.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

Key Benefits of our Telecommunications Software

RedZebra is relied upon by many organisations to optimally manage their field service teams and keep their customers satisfied. The benefits of the system include:
Enhanced communication

By tracking the locations of your field service personnel you can ensure that tasks are appropriately allocated. Personnel can access job details directly using their mobile devices which makes the whole process efficient and effective. Timesheet details, annual leave and even sick days can be directly entered.

Improved customer service
Customer service is improved by providing fast responses and resolving customer’s telecommunications issues quickly and efficiently. Access to all customer data, including historic call details, means that your people are fully informed and often able to resolve issues based on historic knowledge.
Save time & money

System efficiency saves both time and money. Reducing the administrative load by enabling field personnel to directly update job details from wherever they are saves time. The system supports the effective and efficient use of staff resources by helping ensure the right people are assigned appropriate tasks.

Avoid duplication & errors
The central customer hub nerve centre means there is no need to record information in multiple locations which avoids issues due to duplication and minimises the risk of errors. The avoidance of manual form-filling also overcomes issues due indecipherable handwriting.
Customised to your exact needs
RedZebra data input fields can be completely customised to suit the requirements of your telecommunications organisation.

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