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After Sales Service and Support Management

One of the most effective ways to improve customer loyalty, get word of mouth recommendations and improve your reputation is to offer an outstanding after sales service. After all, no business should solely concentrate on new customers in order to generate business, so it’s important to ensure your after sales service is effectively managed. One of the best ways to achieve this is using sales and service management software. But what exactly is this software and how could it help your business to thrive?

What is After Sales Service?

In order to meet and exceed your customer expectations, an effective after sales service is imperative. An after sales service allows you to manage the relationships with your customers to ensure that they can receive any assistance they may require with your products and services. However, after sales can be a complex process involving a number of people, processes and equipment. However, after sales service management software can make this process a breeze, helping to manage everything from warranties, to customer complaints.

Post-Sales Support

Effective post-sales support will instil a huge amount of confidence in your customer and allow them to get the most out of your product. From ensuring that systems are operating correctly, to quickly dealing with any customer enquiries – post-sale support is an integral part of any sale. 

It’s no longer good enough to simply be offering a great product, as customers are looking for companies who go that extra mile to ensure they’re satisfied with their purchase. Not only will this result in positive online reviews, but it will also increase the number of word of mouth recommendations your company receives.

Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts are common practice among service providers. These written documents outline the agreement between the customer and service provider. And are usually provided for major appliances, such as computers, refrigerators and televisions, as well as property maintenance and vehicles.

Service maintenance contracts will often outline the terms of service, including the timeline, requirements and cost, helping to manage the expectations of customers. Similarly, annual maintenance contracts cover a number of business assets which may require maintenance. This agreement is between the service provider and customer, outlining the responsibilities of the provider to carry out regular maintenance. Both of these contracts provide the customer with confidence and peace of mind post-purchase.

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements (SLAs) play an important role in customer relationship management. Not only do they help to manage expectations by outlining the terms of service, but they provide the customer with a guarantee that work will be carried out within a certain time frame.

It’s important not to overpromise in an SLA, as any breaches can be incredibly costly to your business. For example, if you promise to fix any appliance within 2 hours and you’re not able to deliver, then your company may be liable for any losses incurred by your customer. 

However, one of the best ways to avoid breaching a service level agreement is to have strict protocols in place, such as service maintenance software with timers to help your engineers to stick to strict timeframes. Additionally, this software can also ensure that the closest technician is dispatched to the job, reducing travel time to give them more time on the job.

After Sales Management Software 

Service management software can make after sales management a breeze. From having the ability to access customer information at the touch of a button, to being able to quickly deal with any customer complaints – sales and service management software can be a huge asset to your after sales service, ensuring your customers receive the best service possible at every step of their sales journey.

Customer Complaint Management

It’s inevitable that any company will receive a customer complaint at some stage, however, the way they’re dealt with is what will make or break your company’s reputation. RedZebra’s call management software will help you to deal with customer complaints in a timely manner, helping to keep your customers happy.

From call logging and monitoring, to call mapping and scheduling – our call management module will help you to manage, track and and schedule calls in one handy place, allowing you to quickly and easily deal with your customer queries. 

Warranty Management 

Long-term maintenance contracts and warranties are becoming increasingly popular, giving your customer peace of mind that they’re covered if anything should go awry.

Our after sales and service management software can make warranty management a breeze, helping to cover both you and your customers. With easy access to your customer’s information, our software allows you to quickly and easily establish whether or not their warranty is valid and what service you’re able to provide.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

The only thing that can delight your customers more than excellent customer service is being proactive when it comes to repairs and maintenance, to ensure they can rely on their system. With the improvements of AI and machine learning, you can predict when repairs will need to take place – before anything goes wrong. 

Our job scheduling software can help you to effectively manage your customer service, allowing you to schedule and manage repairs. Not only does this allow you to effectively manage your engineers’ workload, but it also keeps your customers in the loop to manage their expectations.

Spares Inventory Tracking

In order to deliver effective post-sales support to your customers, it’s important to stay on top of your inventory so you’re aware of any parts which are out of stock or low in stock. When parts are out of stock, this could cause you to be in breach of your SLAs and warranties, which could be costly to your business.

Our stock management software contains everything you could possibly need to keep track of your stock and ensure you never run out of vital products, helping to reduce lead times and keep your customers happy.

Analysis and Reporting 

There’s nothing more useful than data when it comes to providing the best possible service to your customers. From establishing frequently asked questions, to continually improving your after-sales support, our RedZebra reporting software will provide you with easy access to customer data, giving you greater insight into how you can optimise your business.

Customer Communication

Communication is one of the most important aspects of post-sales support, making your customers feel valued and supported throughout the entire sales process. 

Our customer management module makes it easy to keep on top of customer communication. With all of your customer data in one place, it keeps your customers informed throughout the service to enhance their experience with your business. 

Sales Opportunities

Effective customer communication increases satisfaction, leading to more leads, repeat business and excellent online reviews. So whether you upsell your products, or create cross-sell opportunities, your after sales management software can go a long way towards improving and growing your business.

Why Choose RedZebra?

Our field management software is a cut above the rest and will help you to keep your customers happy from purchase to after care. Contact us today to discuss our software solutions in more detail. Simply email [email protected] or call us on 01269 350 350.