Sales are the lifeblood of most businesses and in field services the initial sale is just the first stage of what is often a much longer collaboration involving ongoing service provision. Field service personnel, working in the front line, are those responsible for developing these ongoing relationships and building trust. Empowering your field service teams to recognise and leverage sales opportunities is a great way to derive more value.

RedZebra’s field management system Sales module provides everything needed to maximise the value of your customer relationships. It enables field personnel to record valuable company information and contact details, identify prospects, convert them into customers and convert existing customers into prospects. Read on to find out more about our exciting Sales module and what it can do for your business.

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Our Sales Module - What’s Included

Our Sales module, which integrates seamlessly with our Call2 Field Service management software, provides everything needed to keep track of contacts, record opportunities and maximise the value of your customer relationships. Here are some of the key features:

Companies and Contacts

Creating and maintaining records of companies and contact details is simple using our Sales module. Multiple contacts can be associated with every recorded company and the inbuilt search facility makes it easy to find what’s needed. Prospects can be converted into customers and existing customers can be identified as potential prospects.


The Sales module enables the identification of valuable opportunities, ensuring these are never lost. Specific and relevant details about every prospect are easily recorded using customisable tabs. Colour coded opportunities lists enable your sales team to follow up and never lose the chance of closing a deal.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our Sales module provides an essential, comprehensive reporting facility making it easy to view details of sales opportunities and sales status reports. The full recorded histories of all companies are readily available alongside audit tracking capabilities. And all information is readily accessible using any device from any location.

Benefits of our Sales Module

Enabling your field service people to become sales advocates using our Sales module provides many potential benefits to your business.

Customer Relationship Management

Our Sales module is a valuable CRM tool enabling your field service people to accurately record customer information including contact details and potentially valuable interactions. The wider sales team can access this important customer information from anywhere using any device.

Anticipate Customer’s Needs

Field service personnel are often able to anticipate a customer’s future needs based on their knowledge and experience with a client. Our Sales module enables this valuable insight to be recorded for future follow-ups.

Never lose a prospect

All leads and prospects identified by field service people are easily recorded for follow up conversations ensuring that there is no chance of potentially losing valuable business opportunities.

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