Dive into your data

and get the answers you need to make informed, beneficial business decisions.

Every service organisation needs to get the right information, to the right people at the right time, to help plan and control operations while minimising costs.

RedZebra’s reporting software, which is fully integrated with their service management software, provides everything you need to get the insight and information necessary for efficient and effective operations management.

Does my business need a new reporting tool?

Do you want to improve internal and external communications?

Looking for something visually engaging for the office?

Need your team to pick up jobs from each other?

Wish you were more pro-active in case of setbacks or unforeseen events?

Fed up of missing information or correcting engineer’s field notes?

Looking for an easy way to analyse your data?

Whether formal or informal, informative or analytical, reports serve a variety of purposes in a business, including providing updates, spurring action, providing and sharing information.

With RedZebra’s wide range of easy-to-use reports and templates to interpret your data, you can make informed, beneficial business decisions. You’ll have more time to share and retrieve actionable information with everyone who needs it; creating a great first impression and boosting customer satisfaction.

What can the reports look like?

RedZebra reports can be generated in three different formats.

  • PDFs; which produce a readable output which is good for printing or sending in an email.
  • Excel; which produces a spreadsheet report in excel (.XLS) format. This is good for lists of data which you can do further data processing on.
  • Microsoft Word; which produces a report in word (.DOC) format. This is good for when you need to amend the output of a report before printing it or converting it to a PDF document.
Why choose RedZebra?

This field service web app is brimming with features you’d expect from field service management software, loaded with everything busy field service businesses need.

  • Engaging, visual reports
  • Extensive report template library
  • Custom reports
  • Time efficiency
  • Improved communications
  • Actionable insights     
Who is Reporting Software for?

From HVAC and refrigeration businesses to companies who service elevators, install medical equipment or maintain buildings. Take a look at some of the industries RedZebra work with here.

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For more information on RedZebra’s Reporting module, click here.