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The Modern Approach to Field Service Management

Field service management. It’s massive. Has your business tapped into the considerable benefits of today’s excellent field service management tools? If so you’ll already know how many of the everyday challenges you used to face have disappeared with the help of the best service management software. If not, you’re in for a treat. In this article we take a good look at contemporary field management software and the many ways in which it’ll change your business for the better. Great competitive advantages begin here!

Evolution of Field Service Management

Today’s digital capabilities have changed the face of field service management forever, and they’re continuing to do so. Most organizations want to streamline their operations, increase efficiency, improve customer relationships, save money and improve their profit margins. Against this fast-changing landscape service management software, for small business and large, can have an impressive impact. It’s time to throw away the clipboard and adopt the changes in field service management brought by the latest tools and technology.

Limitation of Traditional Field Service Tools 

Once you’ve installed top field service management software, it’s impossible to go back to spending so much time and effort doing things the old-school way. Traditional systems were not automated and involved masses of time consuming, complex paperwork. Contemporary field management tools make life so much easier for field service players, in so many different ways.

Paper Based Systems

Paper comms were the go-to method for years. But there are tricky issues associated with paper based field service management tools. People jot down the information they need or simply do their best to remember it all before going back to the office to manually enter it into a paper system. But people’s memories are faulty and manual paper systems are prone to human error.

Because it takes ages to shuffle paper around, send it from A to B, file it and keep it safe, paper-based productivity is never as high as it could be. Field staff have to travel further and take more time travelling because they don’t work out the most efficient routes between client calls. Things go astray, information falls through the cracks, and the system fails to meet modern expectations. And printing large amounts of paperwork isn’t exactly environmentally friendly.

Not Mobile

Because the old systems weren’t mobile, they couldn’t properly support mobile workforces, not good when mobile working has become the norm. When field workers need real time access to customer data to do a great job, paper systems let them down. It’s a world-changer for field staff being able to tap into reliable mobile facilities and log details of their work. The modern world is mobile, and the best field service management software effectively dovetails with the way contemporary businesses work.

Not Customer Focused

Roll back time three decades and customer service wasn’t even considered by many businesses. Today great customer experiences sit at the heart of everything a modern business does. Sadly legacy field service management systems were designed to focus on the equipment at a customer’s premises, not the customers themselves, their needs and expectations. It’s a critical difference.

Modern Field Service Tools 

Modern field staff management software has evolved to take advantage of technological developments, recognise the importance of the customer and deliver excellence every time. Let’s look at the core capabilities of modern field service management tools, using RedZebra technician management software as an excellent example of everything that’s best about these tools.

Features and Capabilities of Modern Service Management Tools

RedZebra delivers everything provided by the best service management software. It makes customer management easy, putting customers first every time from start to finish instead of focusing on the machinery, the equipment, the systems. You can easily collect and manage all the resulting customer data from one central location where everyone who needs to can access it instantly, and there’s plenty of opportunity for complex data analysis to deliver new insight and inspiration.

Field service tracking software completely transforms call management, with super-efficient logging and customer call handling that reassures your clients and helps you deliver efficiencies end-to-end. And of course call monitoring enables ongoing call progress tracking, so you always know exactly what’s what.

Stock management is a dream with field service call management software, helping you accurately keep track of your assets, their whereabouts, their condition, availability and more. Because everything’s run on a mobile, providing field service personnel with direct access to the system from any mobile device or platform, they have everything they need to perform brilliantly – and that means happy employees.

Job scheduling is included, maximising your efficiency and service levels thanks to scheduling the perfect engineer for the task. And the best field management software’s effective job management supports planned maintenance, parts management and more. You have access to a collection of meaningful, actionable reports. Error-free quotes and invoices remove the risk of mistakes and delays as well as supporting your sales team.

Why Choose Red Zebra?

You can see how today’s service management software solutions have completely transformed the entire field service world to provide the level of service expected by today’s customers. If you’d like to explore the potential of RedZebra Field Service Software, click here, email us at [email protected], or call us on 01296 350350.