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How Workforce Software Boosts Employee Experience

Workforce management software supports business excellence in so many practical ways. But it also supports employees, helping them do the best possible job for your customers every time. And that means employee satisfaction. If you’re keen to manage your field staff using a workforce management system you’ll find many of the challenges involved in mobile workforce management scheduling quickly melt away, replaced by greater job satisfaction and even better performance. This article shows you how. Welcome to the wonderful world of workforce management tools.

What is Workforce Software?

Many organisations used to face serious challenges around managing mobile staff, remote workers and field service teams. Then they discovered field mobile workforce management. Yes, mobile workforce management software is a brilliant way to improve customer service. But remote employee management software also improves the working lives of your people, which results in better performance, better employee loyalty, less ‘churn’, and people who are genuinely happy with – and proud of – the work they do. And all this ultimately makes a positive difference to your company’s bottom line. Here’s how.

Call Management 

There’s nothing more frustrating for field staff than poor call management. The RedZebra mobile workforce app supports busy field service organisations, making the efficient deployment of mobile workforces easy. When people know they’re working to their best capacity, efficiently and effectively, their morale is boosted and they feel more satisfied with their working life. RedZebra’s call logging software drives maximum efficiency, letting you log, monitor, schedule and map field engineer calls. This gives your engineers the information they need to do a great job, make a good impression, and enjoy their work more.

Job Scheduling 

In the real world things can change in an instant, potentially leaving your people frustrated, unable to do a great job. It makes sense to do everything you can to make your workers’ lives easier under difficult circumstances and keep morale high. RedZebra’s job scheduling software means you nail scheduling and task allocation even when things are constantly fluid. No wonder workforce planning software makes all the difference to staff satisfaction.

Engineer Tracking 

When you tap into reliable engineer tracking, mobile workforce management software solutions really come into their own. Because you can send your most experienced or nearest field technicians and engineers, jobs are completed faster and better. As a field engineer it can be distressing to be sent to a job that doesn’t suit your skills and experience very well, or at all. Mobile workforce management software means positive employee experiences because you never send people to jobs they can’t handle.

Field Reporting

The real time field reporting capabilities available via the best mobile workforce management software let remote workers record details of their work immediately in real time, giving employers the opportunity to instantly acknowledge their efforts and deliver praise. Everyone knows a timely ‘thank you’ makes a huge difference to the way people feel about work, and RedZebra’s comprehensive reporting tool provides all the insight needed to create a powerful praise culture. Because it can be fully customised to your needs, you can monitor and optimise every aspect of your field service operations to drive better employee satisfaction as well as delighting customers.

Onboarding Experience

The phrase ‘hit the ground running’ must put fear into many an employee’s heart… but only if they don’t have the tools they need to start performing well from the offset. It’s all about great onboarding, which is beautifully supported by the best workforce management software. This helps you deliver a hard-working onboarding process for all your field personnel, which in turn contributes to a positive employee experience and real loyalty.

Staff Recognition

The call management, time tracking and reporting capabilities inherent in a good workforce management solution support field staff recognition. You can understand how timely reports from demanding jobs enable management to provide recognition for the work carried out by remote personnel. This kind of recognition is proved to support a positive employee experience.

Staff Retention

Workforce scheduling software helps reduce field staff turnover and churn. The more staff you lose and have to replace, the more the costs stack up. The result isn’t just expensive and impactful for field service organisations, it also de-motivates your team when people keep leaving. Keeping your people happy in their work makes a huge impact on an employee’s experience, their loyalty to you, and the amount of time they’re prepared to stick with you.

Staff Development

Staff development is another key attribute of remote workforce management software. While it can be a challenge to make sure all your field service personnel are getting the opportunities they deserve for ongoing development and training, workforce management system software helps you to identify people’s individual development needs as well as giving you vital insights into development opportunities that can change a talented junior staff member into a key senior worker. When people feel their employer cares about their future, they stay for longer and work better.

Customer Satisfaction

It’s a strong circular argument. Behind every top class customer experience, there’s a happy and satisfied employee. Customer satisfaction contributes to a great employee experience, and great employee experiences drive amazing customer service. It’s no wonder happy customers generally mean happy field service personnel. The many capabilities and features of the popular workforce management program from RedZebra work hard to drive customer satisfaction, which in turn boosts staff happiness.

Why Choose RedZebra?

You can see how RedZebra Field Service Software provides everything a busy field service organisation like yours needs to manage mobile workforces positively and well. When you buy into the best enterprise workforce management software and enjoy the finest mobile workforce management solutions, you’re not just pleasing your customers. You’re also delighting your people.

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