Why You Need a Field Service App

Are you looking into the potential of the field service mobile app to deliver mobile field service solutions to your business? It’s not surprising. There’s a quiet revolution going on around the use of mobile service software, with a strong trend for portable, convenient, efficient and powerful mobile based apps. This article reveals all the benefits of field service management app technology.

What is a Field Service App?

So what is a field service app? Apps for service technicians keep people working efficiently and effectively. They create consistent, logical workflows for every type of service, whether it’s installations or break-fix projects, maintenance, quotes or work order debriefs. Because everyone carries a smartphone these days, a portable computer many times more powerful than the software that sent people to the moon, mobile field service software lets your people stay in touch and work well with confidence wherever they are, whether or not they’re connected to the internet.

Field Service App Benefits

Mobile field service management has completely revolutionised the roles of millions of service technicians and other ‘in the field’ professionals. It has significantly improved their workflow, giving the companies they work for a strong competitive advantage and letting businesses optimise their workforce’s impact. If you’re still providing your people with clipboards and pens, it’s time to smell the coffee. Here are just some of the many benefits provided by the best field service applications.

Enhanced Efficiency

The RedZebra field service engineer app speeds up every aspect of the field service engineer’s responsibilities, from scheduling to recording jobs and more. In a world where speed plus efficiency means superb service it helps your people do the best possible job, delighting customers as well as enhancing accuracy, minimising mistakes, and cutting the risk of missing information. All this means your customers are even happier with your services.

Lower Costs

Improved efficiency contributes to reduced costs, a goal every business understands. When your people’s route planning is as efficient as possible and time management is brought under the right level of control, your costs automatically fall. And your administrative costs are minimised too, simply because the software lets your technicians enter crucial information directly from the field.

Location Tracking

You can’t allocate tasks efficiently when you don’t know exactly where your field service agents are located. The location tracking offered by a great field service scheduling app lets you allocate tasks very efficiently, minimising the travel time between jobs and allowing your engineers to arrive at the customer’s site more quickly. This kind of highly efficient route planning saves time and expense as well as delivering brilliant service. It’s also easier to allocate jobs to the field personnel who have the most relevant skills and experience.

Online or Offline

Some places still struggle to get an internet connection, which can cause all sorts of communication issues in the field. It’s good to know that RedZebra Call2Field software works on all mobile platforms and devices, including IOS and Android. It even works offline, which means your engineers can use the app in out-of-the-way places with limited or no connectivity – and that’s a reliable way to delight your customers!

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Everything we’ve covered so far contributes to increased levels of customer satisfaction, and that’s always a business-winner. Happy customers are less likely to leave you, much more likely to recommend your services to other businesses in their professional networks. As every good marketer knows, loyal customers who spread the word about positive experiences are marketing gold dust. For that reason alone, it’s well worth tapping into people’s ever-higher digital experience expectations.

Field Service App Key Features

So what features should the best mobile field service app provide? RedZebra’s popular Call2Field software is an excellent example of the best-in-breed field service time apps out there. Here’s some insight.

Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking and recording is essential for efficiency, a reliable way to please your customers and keep your people focused in the right direction. The RedZebra mobile field service app lets you accurately record the exact amount of time employees have spent dealing with every aspect of a job. When time is money it puts you – and your field staff – in a position of control.

Dispatching and Routing

As we’ve mentioned, knowing the location of all your field service personnel at any one time lets you make highly efficient job allocation decisions. You get to urgent jobs faster, pleasing your customers. You can allocate people to places with no backtracking, ensuring they follow a time and fuel-efficient critical path between calls. All this saves more time and money as well as boosting your brand’s reputation. You always respond quickly to incoming calls, you always send the nearest or most relevant engineer, you always deliver a rapid service.

Customer History

The best field service dispatch apps give staff instant access to customers’ service history while they’re out in the field, something that saves a lot of time and hassle. All the information they could possibly need to do a great job is at their fingertips even in the most remote location. No calling back to the office for the details, no turning up at a job ill-prepared. And these reporting capabilities mean it’s a lot easier to provide valuable, actionable feedback.

When you get the right information to the right people at the right time, you can plan and control operations perfectly while minimising your costs. Call2Field’s reporting tool is fully customised to your requirements, letting you monitor and optimise every aspect of field service.

Field Reporting

There’s nothing quite so efficient and error-free as letting field personnel log and record details of the service calls they’ve handled in real time. It’s so much easier than waiting until they get back to the office before they can complete the details. It saves on administration costs as well as delivering yet another way to reduce the risk of errors and omissions.

Invoicing and Quotes

Timely invoicing is another big mobile field service management software benefit. Mobile service management via a field technician app benefits everyone. It helps your people create timely, accurate invoices, an efficiency that every customer appreciates. And it lets staff provide real time quotes too, keeping the momentum going and providing excellent service at every touch point. Because quotes are instantly recorded on the system for follow up, everything goes smoothly. A blend of state-of-the-art call and customer management and user-friendly online invoice software makes quoting and invoicing simple and pain-free.

Why Choose Red Zebra?

The best field service app does so much for a business. It comes with all the features you’d expect from a widely-used and popular field service software app, a field service tracking app with a great reputation. When you’re planning to ditch the clipboard in favour of a business-changing remote field service app you can’t do better than the RedZebra Field Service App. It provides everything that busy field service organisations like yours need. If you’d like to explore the potential in more detail, you can email us at [email protected] or call 01296 350350.