How to choose the best field service management software

When searching for the best field service management software solution for your business you need to clearly understand what’s required to meet your needs, both now and into the future. Efficient and effective field service management is challenging and demanding, but by choosing the right field service management software those challenges and demands become valuable opportunities.

Improved efficiency means lower costs and software tools are a great benefit to front-line field service personnel, making their working lives easier and happier. Importantly, the right field service management software will boost customer satisfaction by optimising all aspects of customer service and support throughout the customer lifetime. Here’s what you need to consider when evaluating and selecting software to meet your field service needs.

Field Service Management Software Key Features

There are an increasing number of field service management software tools, offering a variety of features and capabilities. Figuring out which is right for your business and your specific needs can be a headache so we’ve boiled down the key features which, in our experience, have been highlighted as important to our valued customers.

Customer management

Customer management capabilities are at the top of our list. And a vital aspect of efficient and effective customer management is taking care of valuable customer data. Data security is absolutely essential and our customer management module enables all your customer data to be securely stored in a central location. All aspects of a customer’s account, field service calls, customer feedback and much more are all made readily available to those that need it.

Call management

Providing the very best field service requires fast, efficient and effective responses to all customer calls. Field service teams need to be informed and deployed as quickly as possible to ensure customers receive the level of service they expect and need. Our call management software makes the process of logging customer calls, monitoring progress along with advising and deploying field service personnel both simple and productive.

Stock management

When your stocks of spare parts and replacements are distributed across various locations and possibly located in a number of field service vehicles, keeping track of it all can be extremely difficult. And if you don’t know what you’ve got in stock then it’s very easy for stock levels to become dangerously low, putting customer satisfaction at risk. What you need is a user-friendly stock management system that can cope with the specific requirements of field service provision. Our stock management software does exactly that. Not only can it keep track of what you have in stock, distributed across multiple locations, it will also provide automated alerts when stock levels are running low.

Job scheduling and management

Managing field service personnel, allocating jobs appropriately and deriving timely feedback is a common challenge in field service environments. Ideally, you should be assigning jobs to the mobile field service personnel who are located as close as possible to the customer’s site. And your front line engineers and technicians need to be able to easily log the details of their work in real time. Our field management software supports all of these requirements and more.  

Quote and invoicing

Being able to quickly produce and deliver professional quotations creates a great impression with potential customers who are looking for efficiency. And staying on top of your invoicing ensures that invoices are always accurate, on time and paid as required. Our job quoting and job invoicing tools are exactly what’s needed by busy field service organisations to keep the cash flowing in the right direction.

Cloud field service software

Cloud-based field service software offers instant access from any location via any device that’s internet connected. This means your officer based personnel, your field service teams and regional offices are all able to access the same data from the very same source all at the same time. This is great for efficiency which supports outstanding customer service.

Data security and cyber crime are concerns for all businesses, especially those handling large volumes of secure customer data. Cloud-based computing provides many advanced security features that guarantee data security and integrity.

The alternative non-cloud based approach can still work, but relying on office based networks and systems is far less efficient and more prone to errors. 

Try before you buy

When shopping for software solutions it’s always important to look for free demonstrations that allow you to fully examine the product. Before making a purchase commitment you need to be totally confident that your investment will pay off and your chosen solution is absolutely right for what you need.

By taking advantage of our try-before-you-buy service management software demo you’ll get the opportunity to check out all of the key features and capabilities we’ve noted in this post. Your office and field service people can provide their feedback and you can ask us any questions that you might have. We can even arrange for a custom on-site demonstration at your location to run you through the capabilities of our tools which we are confident you will love. 

To Summarise

While the task of finding and sourcing the best field management software for your organisation may be daunting, don’t fret. There are many solutions to choose from but you can be confident that our products are the best available. And our free demo service, alongside our offer to provide you with a bespoke demonstration service, gives you the opportunity to check it out for yourselves with no risk.

If you would like to learn more about our best-in-class field service management software and what it can do for your organisation please contact one of our dedicated sales team today. Email [email protected] or call 01296 350350.