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How much can your business save with field service management software

The specific answer to this question really depends on your current field service management cost. If you are running a large field services business that’s primarily paper based then you can realistically expect to gain significant savings when you migrate to a fully digital system using up-to-date, optimal field service management software. 

Time is a valuable but limited resource so it’s important to use it efficiently. The right field management software solution provides exactly what’s needed to make efficient and effective use of your valuable but limited resources. 

Our software tools save time, improve efficiency, reduce overheads and boost customer satisfaction. Field service personnel are equipped to provide what customers need at exactly the right time, improving customer relationships, driving further sales and saving money in the process.

How can field service management software save a business money?

The right field service management solution will save costs in many ways. While there is an initial investment, this is quickly recouped in the savings achieved. Here are just five of the primary ways in which field service management software will save money.

1. Saves time

Time is money so it’s good practice to waste as little as possible. Inefficient systems requiring laborious manual data entry waste valuable time. And retrieving information from paper based filing systems can be very time consuming. Time might also be wasted due to allocation of field service jobs to technicians who aren’t geographically located close to the customer’s site and by sending under qualified or inexperienced technicians to field service jobs which are too much for them. 

Poor communications can also waste significant time if field service personnel don’t have easy access to everything they need when attending a customer’s site such as the client’s purchase and service history. Field service management software overcomes all of these issues by ensuring mobile field personnel have direct access to the customer information they need, are allocated jobs appropriately for their locations and experience levels and can immediately feedback their service reports in real-time.

2. Reduces overheads

Paper based management systems account for significant overheads. Paper, printing, filing and document storage are all overhead costs that can be minimised by adopting a wholly digital approach. 

The transport costs of field service teams are another overhead that can be significantly reduced by using field service management software to optimally manage field service personnel. Efficiently allocating jobs to field technicians who are based closest to the customer’s site minimises travel time, mileage and transport costs.

Inventory management is another area in which efficiency saves money by reducing costs. If you know exactly what you have in your inventory and where everything is located, field requirements can be efficiently supported and the costs minimised. 

3. Improves efficiency

Field service management software optimises efficiency at every stage of a field service task, from the initial preparatory phase right through to job completion. When a field service job is finished sign off is often required from the customer, service reports are submitted and invoices raised. This stage of the process can be very time consuming when paper based reports and invoices are involved. Field service management software streamlines this process, enabling field personnel to submit their service reports directly from the field via their mobile devices in real-time while they are still on site. Invoices, including details of all parts used and time spent on the job, are automatically generated and customers are even able to sign off directly via a mobile interface. 

4. Drives sales

It should be clear that business efficiency is significantly improved by using top quality field service management software. When field service personnel arrive on a customer’s site they are better informed thanks to the easy availability of customer service records, purchase history and background information. They know who they will be dealing with and what their concerns are and this all contributes toward developing great customer relationships. And if customers are happy with the service they are receiving they are far more likely to remain loyal. Field service management software also allows the easy creation of professional job quotes enabling field technicians to effectively generate sales.

5. Avoids mistakes

One of the big shortfalls of old-school paper based field service management systems is the potential for errors. Humans are very prone to making mistakes, leaving things out or simply writing badly. Errors and mistakes in field service can be very expensive and impactful resulting in unhappy customers and bad reputations. When using paper based systems office staff often spend a lot of their time transferring data from one source, such as field technician timesheets, into another system. This tedious process is another example of where errors can easily arise. An integrated field service management solution overcomes these issues, minimising or entirely eliminating the risk of errors and mistakes occurring.


Significant savings can be readily achieved by adopting the right field service management software. The right software solution will also make a valuable contribution toward customer retention, customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value. If you would like to learn more about how our field service management software can help your organisation please contact one of our dedicated sales team today. Email [email protected] or call 01296 350350.