Speed up your field service quoting

When you’re quoting for work, you want to make sure you make a great first impression to your potential customer. The ability to generate professional quotes and deliver them in a timely manner is essential.

RedZebra’s job quoting software is designed to make customer-friendly quotes and contracts quick and easy. Price jobs perfectly, stay in control of your pipeline and help maximise your incoming business.

Five reasons your business can benefit from Job Quoting Software
It’s customisable

Customise your own quote templates with your branding to create professional-looking quote that reassures potential customers that they’re dealing with a company that prides itself on its professionalism.

For speeding up admin

From copying quotes to converting them to jobs, everything about RedZebra’s Job Quoting software is designed to keep admin to a minimum, saving you valuable time. By using templates for common job types, you can quickly generate quotes, respond to queries fast and prospects will approve sooner.

Seamless, streamlined operations

Convert quotes to and from jobs, calls and sales orders at the touch of a button. You can say goodbye to double entry, saving you time and money from day one. Plus, RedZebra talks to your accounting software, so there’s no need to keep switching between apps.

Wining more business

RedZebra field service quoting software gives you fast access to your report pipeline, allowing you to see the status of all your quotes and following them up with ease.

You potential customers will be impressed with industry specific information, company branding and T&C’s.

Real-time insights

As well as letting you add time-and-date stamped notes, RedZebra allows you to share supporting notes, add attachments and images to your quotes.

They will help you to build reports for your Live Dashboard, giving you insight on potential wins, forecasting opportunities, centralising data, plus key information in other areas of the business.

As a busy service management company, you’ll know how tricky it can be to balance planned work with ad hoc urgent breakdown jobs. When you’re constantly needing to reallocate jobs and manage their priority, you need software that can help you adapt speedily to an ever-changing situation.

Detailed quotes allow a potential customer to make an informed decision about the repair or replacement of equipment based on the cost and time estimates provided.

Accurate pricing information is beneficial to your Field Engineers and potential customers. The field service engineers feel empowered, they can build up trust and a rapport with the prospect, while improving customer satisfaction and saving valuable time.

Once the customer has approved and the job has been completed, you can create personalised invoices, send them out in bulk directly from RedZebra’s software and even set-up recurring invoices.

It’s convenient, customisable, seamless, automated, monitored, tracked and supported. Whether you’re a small UK business or something larger, RedZebra provides all the functionality your business needs.

How to use our Quoting Software?

The Quote module is built into RedZebra and we’re happy to help you configure it to your requirements. This includes customising quote templates to include your own branding and any extra fields your business needs to include on a quote.

Can I use RedZebra on my mobile?

Yes. As with all aspects of RedZebra, our software is accessible from any device, wherever you are. This includes smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Do we need training before using RedZebra’s field service management software?

Training on how to make the most of RedZebra’s features will be covered in your intial training.

Can I try out RedZebra before purchase?

Book a personalised online demonstration with our team, and you will be given access to our demo system. Both of these will help to give you a better idea of how RedZebra can work for your business.

Do engineers see all of the information? What about subcontractors?

No, the mobile software simply provides the required information to complete each Job. Additional information is available, but with options to restrict what is shown. We have a specifically built version of RedZebra for your subcontractors to use.

Can we build in specific questions?

Yes, RedZebra Mobile field service management software can be customised to capture all the information you require your engineers to record on each job.

What’s happens if we choose RedZebra?

You can use RedZebra for more than just Quoting, it helps you to stay organised at every stage of the job. RedZebra offers complete connectivity, it’s user-friendly, customisable and comes with all the features you’d expect from a widely-used and popular field service software app.

If you’d like to explore the potential in more detail, you can email us at [email protected] or call 01296 350350.