HVAC Software: Giving your heat pump installers more confidence

With temperatures dropping, the Boiler Upgrade grant increasing and a potential decline in electricity prices, your business is in high demand!

Give your engineers the ability to work more effectively and more confidently on-the-road. With RedZebra’s field service management software you’ll always know the status of outstanding calls and you’ll be able to assign them quickly and easily to your engineering team. Not only that, but you can use RedZebra’s field service software as a secure hub for all your customer data, keep track of stock, send quotes, produce invoices, and much more.

Heat Pumps are at least three times more efficient than any other kind of boiler, and with the UK Governments’ Boiler Upgrade Scheme home owners can reduce their initial costs by £7,500.

According to The Eco Experts’ National Home Energy Survey 2023; 25% of Brits would accept a free heat pump due to rising electricity costs. And with gas becoming increasingly expensive, people are looking into alternative ways to heat their homes. HVAC Software: Giving your heat pump installers more confidence

As a busy service management company, you’ll know how tricky it can be to balance planned work with ad hoc urgent breakdown jobs. So, whether you’re installing an air source heat pump, a ground source heat pump or an electric combi boiler, the team is likely to be juggling a huge range of different jobs at any given time. With RedZebra software you can maintain the level of service your customers expect from you.

And with the partial gas boiler installation ban coming in 2035, your business can only get busier from here!

HVAC Software Benefits
  • Complete connectivity
  • F-Gas Tracking
  • User-friendly
  • Engineers can work offline
  • Signature capture
  • Customised to your exact needs
  • Improved customer service
  • Avoid duplication & errors
  • Save time
Why choose RedZebra?

RedZebra lets you allocate jobs to appropriately qualified air compressor, heat pump installers or HVAC-R contractor so that you can respond to calls in the timely and professional manner.

It’s a user-friendly interface with a number of screens that give you real-time information about outstanding jobs. Simply drag and drop jobs to assign them to engineers, and see their locations on a map view if you need to find the nearest available engineer.

RedZebra is accessible from any device, wherever you are. This includes smartphones, tablets and laptops. Giving your Installers the right information and tools at your fingertips, so that they can make decisions with confidence.

HVAC & Refrigeration

Ditch the clipboard and switch to a business-changing remote field service app today.

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