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Five Reasons Why You Need Mobile Field Service Software

Advances in mobile technology and software now mean that field service teams can be fully enabled to deliver excellent performance and do their jobs efficiently entirely from the field. Smartphones and tablets are now the favoured platforms used by field service teams to interact with their head offices. In this post we look at just 5 of the main reasons why mobile field service software is essential for field service personnel.

What is mobile field service management software?

Before we look at these key reasons why mobile field service software is essential it’s worth clarifying exactly what we are referring to.

Field service management software is all about improving the management and control of everything that goes into delivering field service operations. It deals with all aspects of what’s needed by field service, from call handling to inventory control, invoicing, reporting and much more.

Mobile field service management software refers to running this software from mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablets. Field service personnel can use a field service mobile application from anywhere at any time, enabling them to provide great customer service efficiently and effectively while remaining in touch with their office.

5 Reasons why you need mobile field service software 

Enabling mobile field service teams to access the same systems and backend resources that are available to office-based desktop users provides many benefits to both customers and service providers. Here we have selected just 5 that we consider to be highly significant, but there are many more.

1. Improve communications and efficiency

Accurate and timely communications, both to and from field service personnel, can be absolutely vital. When despatching field service engineers to an urgent call-out they need to know exactly where it is, how to get there, details of the urgent issue and what the background history is. The dispatcher needs to be able to efficiently convey this vital information to the most optimally located and available field service engineer. 

Mobile field service management software enables the assigned engineer to have all the information they need to travel to the customer’s site quickly, liaise with the right people, understand the urgent issue that needs attention and have all the background information they need to successfully deal with the call out.

The mobile field service app then allows field service engineers and technicians to immediately submit their reports directly from the field in real time. 

2. Optimise resource tracking and route planning

Keeping track of the whereabouts of field service personnel can be tricky, but smartphone GPS capabilities mean that dispatchers always know where their field service resources are located. This supports efficient task allocation and the minimisation of unnecessary travelling which saves both time and money. It also helps ensure that the most appropriate technician or engineer is assigned to each field service call. 

Knowing exactly where field service personnel are located in relation to customer’s sites also enables efficient route planning which helps ensure that engineers are on site quickly to meet service level agreements and keeps transport costs to a minimum. 

3. Efficiently manage stock inventories 

Another important capability provided by mobile field service software is efficient inventory management. Stocks of spare parts, replacement systems and tools might be distributed across multiple locations or maybe in a number of field service vehicles. When field engineers have used parts or equipment then stock levels can be immediately updated directly from the mobile field service application. And if a need arises from the field for spare parts then the field engineer can quickly find out whether the required parts are in stock and if so, where they are located.

4. Improve customer experience

A big part of a field service customer’s experience is based on how quickly they get a response and how efficiently their issues are dealt with. The previously noted efficiencies, supported by the mobile field service app, help ensure that personnel are on site as quickly as possible, fully equipped with what they need to successfully address the client’s issues.

Another important aspect of the field service role is responding to customer questions and providing tuition and guidance when requested. Customer experience is enhanced when their questions receive swift, useful responses and when their need for guidance is effectively addressed. 

Mobile field service software enables field service personnel to collaborate with colleagues to derive the benefit of their knowledge and experience, when needed. By responding positively and promptly to customer questions and requests the experience of customers is enhanced which drives loyalty and retention.

5. Optimise billing and accounting

Mobile field service software enables field personnel to submit field service reports in real time and derive customer sign-off directly on their mobile devices. This avoids the potential for inaccuracies and errors and importantly it allows invoices to be accurately created very quickly. The system software will then keep track of outstanding invoices to ensure that payments are never missed. Integration with back office accounting systems is another key feature that makes life in the accounts department far less stressful.

Why Choose RedZebra?

The RedZebra mobile field service app is already used by many businesses across a huge range of industries keen to ensure maximum efficiency in their field service operations. The versatile software can be configured to meet the specific requirements of any service provider with a mobile workforce.

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