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Field service software innovations that improve employee engagement

A happy, engaged field service workforce is more efficient, more productive and provides a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. But field service personnel face many daily challenges which can cause disengagement and unhappiness. In this post we look at how innovations in field service management software are improving employee engagement and making the lives of field service employees far happier.

What is Employee Engagement in Field Service 

Employee engagement refers to the emotional relationship that workers have with their roles, their employers and the people they work with. Employee engagement is related to happiness and satisfaction but it also includes commitment to the values and goals of the organisation. There are many factors that contribute to employee engagement including interesting work, recognition for their efforts, a healthy work-life balance and more. 

Benefits of Field Service Software Innovation for Employee Engagement

Driving higher levels of field service employee engagement is beneficial to both clients and service providing organisations. Engaged employees are more likely to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and they provide higher levels of customer service. Field service management software innovations have addressed many of the frustrations typically experienced by field service personnel, making their daily working lives far more enjoyable by acknowledging what they do and enabling them to be more efficient and productive.

1. Collaboration Capabilities 

Employees who work in open, communicative environments tend to have better, more productive relationships with colleagues and are likely to feel more engaged in the goals of their organisation. The collaborative capabilities of the RedZebra field service management software means that field personnel are no longer on their own when visiting client sites. They have the full capabilities of their organisation behind them, readily accessible from the centralised repository of customer information. The customer management module records all client interactions ensuring that field personnel have everything they need to provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

2. Enhanced Productivity 

Administrative tasks are widely reported to be an aspect of field service work that can cause frustration and unhappiness. Many of the routine administrative tasks associated with field service are more efficiently and accurately carried out by software, avoiding the need for form-filling and error-prone data entry. Innovative field service management software enables efficient job scheduling, task allocation and stock management, all of which contribute toward making the working lives of field service personnel more productive and efficient. And mobile field service software innovation enables the efficient, error-free submission of field service reports, direct from the field, while enabling the immediate capture of signatures from satisfied customers.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction 

Dealing with dissatisfied customers is well known as a cause for employee unhappiness. But innovative field service software, that helps resolve issues quickly and ensures field service personnel are always fully acquainted with customer needs and desires, makes a great contribution toward building customer satisfaction. RedZebra’s call management software means that field service personnel are deployed efficiently, using their time effectively to service customers quickly which drives customer satisfaction and raises employee engagement. 

4. Reduced Stress Levels 

Stress at work is recognised as a major factor that adversely affects employee engagement and happiness. Innovative field service management software contributes toward reducing field service stress levels in many ways. 

Field personnel are provided with all the information they need from a central resource that’s updated in real time; efficient job scheduling ensures they have adequate time allocated to travel and complete tasks successfully; they are able to easily submit their reports, invoices and other documentation direct from the field; spares, equipment and other necessary resource requirements are readily accessible and they know they have collaborative support directly from their office whenever they need it. These capabilities make the working lives of field service personnel far less stressful.

Why Choose RedZebra?

Innovations in field service management software are clearly making the lives of field service personnel happier, healthier and more productive

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