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How Field Service Management Software can help with Business Development

Building and developing a business is not easy, especially when it involves providing field services. The business development process will often require simultaneously cutting costs while at the same time boosting productivity. These two primary aims may appear to be at odds, but with the right field service management software both can be achieved. 

In this post we examine how field service management software is actually a vital business development tool.

Business Development Strategy

Business development can be broadly defined as everything that contributes toward making a business better. This may include business expansion and growth, increasing sales and profitability and maybe expanding the range of products and services on offer. But it can also include optimising existing resources, introducing financial efficiencies, staff development and much more.

What’s important for all organisations is deriving and defining a business development strategy that’s right for their organisation. And if field service provision is part of that business model then efficient, effective field service management is an essential element.

How Field Service Management Software Supports Business Development

Not so long ago organisations were reliant on arduous, manual, paper-based systems to manage all aspects of their field service operations. Inevitably, these inefficient systems were susceptible to errors, inaccuracies and duplication. It’s not really surprising to hear how delays, mistakes and inefficiencies have sometimes resulted in unhappy customers and lost sales opportunities.

Here are just some of the primary ways in which the RedZebra field service management software avoids these issues and supports business development.

1. Reduce Costs 

As noted, there are two, interrelated factors that are required for improved business performance: lower operating costs and greater productivity from field service teams. 

Cost-cutting is often a primary objective of any business development strategy. Field service management software supports cost reduction by making all aspects of field service operations more efficient and free from errors. For example, service jobs can be readily allocated to the most appropriately located service personnel, reducing travel time and cutting transport costs. And field service personnel can record details from their service visit in real time, avoiding any data entry errors and enabling invoices to be raised immediately.

2. Improve efficiency 

Field service management software enables all aspects of field service operations to be managed far more efficiently than legacy paper-based systems. The whereabouts of all field service teams is continuously tracked and stock levels are tightly controlled enabling tasks to be allocated appropriately, ensuring teams have the tools and parts they need. This enables field service teams to provide a very high level of customer service and be more productive.

3. Increase Productivity 

As noted, efficient call handling and task allocation enables field service teams to be far more productive by completing more task assignments. Efficient route planning minimises travel time and reduces costs and customer satisfaction is supported by allocating tasks to the best located and most appropriate personnel. The centralisation of all customer data ensures that field service teams have all the information they need to successfully complete their service calls as quickly as possible, making a further contribution toward increased productivity. 

4. Drive Customer Loyalty

Customer retention should always be a primary aim of any business development strategy as it’s far less expensive to generate sales from existing customers than it is to develop new ones. The RedZebra customer management module provides a valuable central repository for all customer interaction records. This ensures that all personnel who engage with customers have the information they need to ensure they provide personalised, fully informed services. 

5. Promote sales

Field service management software has been widely acknowledged for driving significant growth in sales. Field service personnel are often the first to learn of developing customer requirements and are best placed to make product or service recommendations. The RedZebra field service management software sales module ensures that no contacts or sales opportunities are ever lost. The future needs of existing customers can be readily recorded by field service personnel or anyone who interacts with clients, enabling profitable follow ups.

Why Choose RedZebra?

For service providing businesses to grow and develop they need the right field service management software. The right software will support both the reduction of operational costs while at the same time enabling increased sales and profitability.

If you would like to learn how our field service management software will help you develop your business please contact one of our dedicated sales team today. Email [email protected] or call 01296 350350.