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How to improve customer loyalty with field service management software

Today’s field service engineers and technicians need to be much more than technically skilled and proficient. They need to recognise and respond to customer expectations and provide consistently outstanding customer service. And they are expected to act as consultants, advisors, tutors and often as sales people. Failing to deliver great customer experience is likely to damage the customer relationship and may result in clients moving to alternative service providers. In this post we look at how field service management software helps retain valuable customers and fosters customer loyalty.

Why is Customer Loyalty Important 

Customer loyalty can be defined as a customer’s inclination to continue to use the products or services provided by a supplier and continue to do business with them. Customer loyalty refers to ongoing, positive relationships between a business and their customers.

Studies have shown that it is far easier and cheaper to convert an existing customer than it is to convert new prospects into customers. Targeting existing customers, who already have experience of your products or services, is far more likely (60 – 70%) to drive a sale than targeting fresh, new prospects (5 – 20%). These figures make it clear that customer retention should be a priority for all businesses. Marketing Metrics

How field service management software promotes customer loyalty 

Understanding the factors that persuade customers to remain loyal is vitally important. Great customer service is at the top of the list, but there are many additional ingredients that influence customer retention such as personal relationships, expectations, business reputation, service consistency and more. 

1. Personalised Service 

The provision of personalised customer service is an important factor that’s widely recognised as significant in influencing customer loyalty. Clients want their service providers to know who they are, what their objectives are, what’s important to them and what their service history has been. The RedZebra customer management module provides all of this information – and more. By centralising all customer data, field service personnel are fully armed with everything they need both before and during their service visit. They can easily add notes to the system to ensure that a high level of customer service is always maintained.

2. Strategic Partnerships

Businesses are increasingly seeking service providers with whom they can develop strategic partnerships. They want to partner with organisations which share their values and work toward common, mutually profitable goals. The RedZebra field service IT solution has been praised by clients for its scalability that will grow and develop with their businesses. The system’s integration capabilities are helping customers introduce valuable digital efficiencies and the continuous development of the RedZebra field service software solution means that clients know that they always have the best solution and support available.

3. Enhanced Customer Experience

RedZebra’s comprehensive reporting tool is regularly praised by customers. The system is described as making the reporting process effortless with advanced filters that enable users to see the specific metrics that are important to them. Reports can be customised as required and output in various standard formats. This is just one of the key aspects of the field service management software that contributes toward enhancing the customer experience and fostering loyalty.

4. Consistently High Quality Customer Service

Delivering a consistently high level of customer service is vitally important to all service providing organisations. The RedZebra field service management software allows the definition of specific KPIs that support ongoing monitoring and assessment of service provision performance. And the call management software ensures that calls are logged, monitored, scheduled and allocated efficiently and appropriately – ensuring field engineers have everything they need to deliver a consistently high level of customer service.

Why Choose RedZebra?

Customer retention is vitally important in our increasingly competitive world. The performance of field service personnel and their customer interactions in this context are vitally important. The RedZebra field service management software provides a collection of essential tools that no service providing organisation can do without.

If you would like to learn how our field service management software will help you retain your valuable customers please contact one of our dedicated sales team today. Email [email protected] or call 01296 350350.