The Pros and Cons of Reactive Maintenance


Why is reactive maintenance important? Because it’s inevitable thanks to emergencies and situations beyond your control. It means you don’t spend money on maintenance unless you really need to, you don’t need to do any time consuming maintenance planning, use any resources, or tie up essential people unless it’s strictly necessary. On the other hand there are some serious downsides to leaving maintenance until it’s too late. Here’s what you need to know about reactive or breakdown maintenance, how it differs from other strategies, and the pros and cons of the approach.

Asset Tracking with RedZebra’s Stock Module

Man loading van with boxes

Where has that asset got to? It’s annoying. It’s frustrating. But most of all, when asset management goes wrong it costs time and money. You might even end up losing customers. In a complex world there are plenty of challenges involved in asset tracking. The more assets you have, the harder it is to keep track of them all. Here’s how our Call2Field Stock Module asset tracking system keeps tabs on valuable assets and inventory.

Tips to Improve Field Service Productivity

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To deliver the best service to customers you need to know where your people are, where your equipment is, how much stock you’ve got left and a whole lot more. You need a clear, accurate picture of everything that’s going on out in the field, away from the premises. We are experts in how to improve field service productivity. If you want to know how to make the most of your field service teams and assets, here are some practical, sensible, actionable productivity tips, designed to maximise it.

Six Common Challenges in Field Service Management


A Field Support Manager has an incredibly wide variety of responsibilities around people, systems, processes, procedures and physical goods. It’s challenging, as a busy field service manager, to keep up with all of your roles and field service manager responsibilities. No wonder today’s Field Engineer Manager relies on intelligent software to keep everything under control.

Fifteen Years in Field Service Management Software

15 years of service 2005-2020, badge

With 15 years experience in developing and providing state of the art field service management software, RedZebra Software has an enviable pedigree in this field. In this article our founder, Richard Crafts, answers a number of questions on the company background, its development over 15 years along with his predictions for the future of the industry.

Five Reasons Why You Need Mobile Field Service Software

Mobile Phone in hand

Advances in mobile technology and software now mean that field service teams can be fully enabled to deliver excellent performance and do their jobs efficiently entirely from the field. Smartphones and tablets are now the favoured platforms used by field service teams to interact with their head offices. In this post we look at just 5 of the main reasons why mobile field service software is essential for field service personnel. Find out more

Field service software innovations that improve employee engagement

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A happy, engaged field service workforce is more efficient, more productive and provides a higher level of customer service and satisfaction. But field service personnel face many daily challenges which can cause disengagement and unhappiness. In this post we look at how innovations in field service management software are improving employee engagement and making the lives of field service employees far happier.

How Field Service Management Software can help with Business Development

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Building and developing a business is not easy, especially when it involves providing field services. The business development process will often require simultaneously cutting costs while at the same time boosting productivity. These two primary aims may appear to be at odds, but with the right field service management software both can be achieved. Fine out more

Five Signs your business may need field service software

Field Engineer with laptop

Are you wondering if your field service business will benefit from investing in field service management software? Migrating from tried and tested business practices, relied on for many years, to a new, unfamiliar digital approach is bound to be worrying. But we live in a digital age with customers who have increasingly high expectations. Find out more…