Software Support

No matter how simple and user-friendly it is, it can take time to get to grips with new software, learn its ins and outs and make it work effectively for your business. That’s why, in addition to our data upload support, training packages and report writing assistance, we’re always on hand to advise whenever you want to ask us a question or need help with an issue.

The expert technical guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced service management software support team will help you make the most of your investment in RedZebra throughout your working relationship with us. Keep reading to find out more about how to get in touch with us and what we can help you with.

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How to reach our Software Support Team

The best way to get in touch with our software support team is to email us at [email protected] or fill in our contact form. This will send your enquiry off to our whole support team, who’ll be able to help with all your questions or problems.

If you need to discuss something more time-sensitive, you can also call us on 01296 350350 during office hours.

How our Support Team can help

Even the best, most carefully tested software occasionally encounters the unexpected, but with our technical team always available to address problems as they arise, we’ll make sure that any rare technical issues are stamped out before they affect your business. We’ll also provide you with regular software updates for you to download, which will keep your RedZebra software up-to-date and running smoothly and securely.

Whether you want to ask a question or you’ve found a rare technical problem, you can rely on our expert field service management software support team to help you find the answer. We’re here to help you however you need us, whether it’s showing you how things work, explaining how to keep your software up-to-date, editing a report or anything else for which you need to call on our expertise.

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Support FAQs

How is support given remotely?
For server access we usually use Remote Desktop or TeamViewer, and ideally we’ll have unattended permanent access set up so that we’re always able to assist you as quickly as possible. For remotely accessing your device we use TeamViewer, which allows us to view and control your screen on request, meaning we can offer the same level of assistance as if we were on site.
When can we contact the Support Team?

You can reach us during our support hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We are also able to respond to emergency issues out of hours.

How do software updates work?

When we have a new version of the software ready, we roll it out across our customer base, starting with those who may have been waiting for a particular new feature or a bug fix. At any time, please feel free to ask one of our team if there’s a new version available and if so, we can arrange an update for you.

How long does an update take?

A standard update will usually require about 20 minutes of downtime, during which you’ll need to make sure everybody is logged out of RedZebra. When we advise you that the update has been completed on the server, your PC will automatically download the new version next time you log in.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.