Data Upload

When you’re making the transition to running your business on field service management software, data transfer can seem a daunting process. You might have different sections of your data in different places, and in different formats, due to running multiple systems.

Our field service management software data upload services ensure the process goes smoothly from start to finish. Even if your data is currently held across different systems, our data upload support technicians will use specialist tools to ensure RedZebra can understand it. From very basic information to complex manipulation of large datasets, we’ll migrate your data onto your new software so that you can start feeling the business benefits of RedZebra right away.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.
How does our data upload service work?

Whatever data you hold, and wherever you hold it, our field service management software data upload services will pull it together and enter it into your new software. Our specialist tools allow us to manipulate data from disparate systems so that the software can understand it, meaning you won’t have to input data manually when you make the move to RedZebra. The result: a rapid streamlining of your processes without you needing to worry about importing your existing data.

What kinds of data & platforms can we work with?

You’d be surprised how many platforms we can import data from when it comes to getting RedZebra set up for your business. That means that even if your data is held on other systems, we’re usually able to convert it into a format that RedZebra can understand. Some of the most common platforms we work with include Excel, Access and SQL, but there are plenty of less well-known systems we’ve successfully transferred data from. We can also import data from competitor systems.

On-going data support

Our data upload services don’t have to be limited to the initial import of your data when you first purchase the software. If you’re looking for more support than a one-off upload, we also offer the option of on-going data support to help you transfer your data in stages. If you’re not sure whether a one-off or on-going data upload is best for your business, we’re very happy to advise on how we can ensure RedZebra is seamlessly integrated into your business.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.

Data Uploading FAQs

Find out more about our data upload services with some of our frequently asked questions.
What is the data mapping sheet?

The data mapping sheet is an Excel spreadsheet containing multiple tabs for each main table of data within RedZebra. Filling in this mapping sheet allows us to upload data into your RedZebra database.

How long does a data upload take?
The time can vary based on the amount of data, its quality, and whether or not you’ve filled in our data mapping sheet.
What data can be uploaded?

All the standard service data can be uploaded into RedZebra, including data on your customers, sites, equipment, parts, products and various codes

Can I do anything to help with this process

You can help make the data mapping process easier and faster if you are able to put your data into our data mapping sheet, or work with us to help us understand your data and how it links together.

Does all the data need to be uploaded in one go?

No – we can upload data in stages. This is something we can discuss with you so that we can agree on the best plan for your business.

What is the ‘core data’ that’s required when setting up a database?

The main data we look for is a list of customers and sites, and ideally equipment. You can also start with a blank database if you wish.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.