Report Writing

When you run a busy service business, you need to know how well it’s performing. How long does it take for your engineers to respond to calls? Who are your star performers? Which customers bring in the greatest revenue? When you know exactly what’s going on, you’re in a position to make informed decisions to help drive your business forward.

With RedZebra’s comprehensive field service management software reporting suite and services, you’ll have the facts at your fingertips for every area of your business. We’ve made reporting simple with a number of standard reports already included for your use, but we can go much further than that with custom reports designed to show you exactly the data you need.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.
How does our report writing service work?

With our field service management software reporting service, we’ll create the reports you need, whatever you need them for. Perhaps you need performance data for a monthly meeting, or your HR team needs data on individual engineers’ performance. Whatever the information you need, RedZebra reports can be tailored to any level of your business. We’ll work with you to help you get the data needed to make informed business decisions and streamline your operations.

What kind of reports can we produce?

We already has a number of standard reports that cover the most common metrics we’ve found our customers want to see. These will help you quickly analyse the performance of your business and spot areas for improvement.

However, there may be times when you need more in-depth reports, tailored to your own business goals and Key Performance Indicators. That’s when you might want to call on our bespoke report writing service. We’ll work with you to create custom reports detailing the metrics that matter to you, working hard to understand your requirements and building the reports for you so that you don’t have to.

We’ll then save the custom report formats in your RedZebra software so that you can quickly run the same reports again as and when you need to. We’re also happy to tweak the reports you’re already using so that they better reflect the information you need to see.

Our report writing services are flexible, so you can choose whether you’d like us to produce some one-off reports for you or let us provide you with reporting support on an on-going basis. We’re happy to put together a bespoke reporting service to suit the needs of your business.

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Report Writing FAQs

Interested in finding out more about our reporting suite and services? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.
What are reports used for?

Reports pull data out of your RedZebra software into another format, such as a spreadsheet or PDF, ready for you to distribute to the people who need to see them. They can also be used to send a template (for example a job sheet or invoice) to a customer.

What are dynamic reports?

Dynamic reports are the reports built into RedZebra on various pages, rather than our standard reports list. These will be updated to contain your logo and chosen layout during your implementation.

How much can a template be changed to suit my business branding?

We can change the layout of your reports to match any design you may have, as long as it conforms with the logic of our report writing software. Almost all the designs we’re given are achievable, possibly with very minor changes to suit a digital format.

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Discover how RedZebra’s field service management software can help you streamline your operations.