Case Studies

PDE Waste Technologies

With over 70 years of product research and development, PDE have grown into an innovative and significant player in waste equipment manufacture and supply to the UK. They proudly provide new technologies, helping to promote zero landfill and maximum recovery through modern solutions.

From its head office based in the Midlands, they deliver a leading range of Waste and Recycling Systems. With over 20 RedZebra User Licences, their dedicated team provide a high level of efficiency, reliability and support to their customers.

“It’s so easy, totally user-friendly. We needed something instant and RedZebra has done just that – for the entire team and all their different job roles.”

We spoke to Judy, the Office Manager at PDE Waste. She started with the company in April 2021, shortly after PDE had purchased RedZebra’s FSM software. She said – “All the staff at RedZebra have been accommodating. They provide nothing but great customer service. From her very first training sessions, to engineers calling for support whilst on a job, the staff at RedZebra are very knowledgeable.”

Judy explained how the company used to do everything on paper; the field engineers would spend time completing forms by hand every day, and the office-based team would spend precious hours filing paperwork and keeping records. She is delighted to share that the company is now completely paperless and even their engineers who consider themselves computer illiterate find RedZebra simple and user-friendly.

“RedZebra has helped us to smooth out our business processes, ensure all jobs are invoiced promptly. We can easily monitor the engineer’s workload and have created more space within the office.”

The team at PDE believe the key to long, reliable and outstanding performance from a waste system is to provide pro-active scheduled maintenance. It benefits their customers in the knowledge that the machine and components are working to the optimum of their performance, before the end of the warranty period.

Without the RedZebra software, planned maintenance would be almost impossible to organise.

“Things do not get missed anymore. There’s less admin to do, we use our time more efficiently and we process jobs faster than ever.”

Before working with RedZebra, PDE Waste struggled with the number of jobs that kept getting missed, and the sheer amount of paperwork that needed to be completed each day. The team at PDE say it was RedZebra’s interpersonal skills that put them above the rest. And now, over 3 years later, they’re still enjoying the increased revenue due to the changes RedZebra helped them to make.

“One of the best things about RedZebra is the ability to speak to a person – not a machine or a switchboard. A person who cares, who’s willing to teach you how and why, and help you understand how to get to the end product.”

We asked Judy; if a potential client was on the fence about working with RedZebra, what would you say to them? And she replied – “Go for it!! It’s easy to implement, easy to operate. You don’t need to be an IT whizz kid, the RedZebra team are always there to help. For a day-to-day user, it’s perfect – everything is stored all-in-one place. It’s brilliant.”

We are looking forward to continuing our working relationship with PDE and seeing where the next phase (Invoicing implementation) will take them!

If you’d like to enjoy the same benefits as PDE Waste, give us a call on 01296 350350 or email [email protected].