Case Studies

Office Coffee Co.

Founded in 2011, the Office Coffee Company provides coffee service to workplaces across the UK.

Their bean-to-cup machines guarantee that every cup of the coffee is fresh and delicious – whether you’re based in a large city centre office or a smaller out-of-town workplace.

We spoke to Chris Hillier, Head of Technical Services, about why the company chose RedZebra and how it’s benefited their business.

“A considerable amount of time was put into testing different packages. We liked the look of RedZebra, it felt user friendly and intuitive. We also like that that as this was a business based in the UK, if we had a problem that the helpdesk would be on the same working hours as ourselves.”

Office Coffee Company offer a curated range of coffee machines and fairtrade coffee supplies next-business-day delivery. Their hands-on approach means they are meticulous about the coffee they provide, and their in-house servicing means customers are not reliant on manufacturers or lengthy lead times for fixes.

“We knew we wanted a service planner that allowed us to log all jobs, plan them, allowing our engineers to receive them in real time. We had made a transition from paper to digital prior to coming to RedZebra but felt the service planner we used did not encompass all the needs of our service department. Allowing us to manage all assets and engineers’ workflows in one place.”

The Office Coffee team are passionate about delivering great coffee and a great service. They put customers and quality first, while providing a comprehensive service backup. With 16 licenses for RedZebra’s Field Service Management software, they can guarantee top-notch support to keep their customers machines running smoothly.

“RedZebra has improved the service we have been able to provide by having a much clearer overview of the history of all our machines and customers. We have been able to be much more efficient in our planning.”

As part of Miko Coffee, they are experts in the market and they know great coffee.

Whether it’s emergency repair calls coming in or regularly scheduled maintenance, RedZebra helps to keep Office Coffee Company streamlined, efficient, organised and performing at their best.

We asked Chris what would he say if a potential client was on the fence about working with us at RedZebra…

”That the team have always been very helpful, always trying to tailor what they offer to the business need rather than a one size fits all approach. Whenever there has been an issue it has been resolved promptly and the team are always more than happy to help with any additional requests.”

With quality and taste at the forefront of what they do, with a clear focus on sustainability – we’re looking forward to watching them grow as a business, and taking RedZebra along for the ride!

If you’re in a similar industry or wondering how RedZebra can work for you, give us a call on 01296 350350 or email [email protected]om.