Case Studies

Rational Technical Services UK

When Rational Technical Services UK needed a software solution that would enable them to keep accurate customer histories and generate detailed custom reports, RedZebra was the natural choice. Read on to find out how RedZebra has helped Rational maintain its high level of service to its portfolio of large clients.

About the client

Rational Technical Services UK Ltd specialises in the maintenance of steam combination ovens, used extensively in commercial kitchens by many major restaurant groups, hospitals, nursing homes and privately owned restaurants and cafes. Dealing with major business chains, the ability for Rational to log, track and record accurate information is vital for keeping up-to-date account histories for each customer.

Why they chose us

Rational picked RedZebra because they needed to be able to record significant amounts of data for each preventative maintenance or breakdown call to customer sites. This data would be used to allow Rational to produce detailed, highly customised reports that would benefit not just the company, but the customer as well.

How we helped

RedZebra’s advanced field service management software allows for the recording of highly detailed information for each customer, which proved to be just what Rational needed for creating accurate logs and reports for each customer. RedZebra allows Rational to gain quick access to relevant information, allowing them to respond rapidly to customer requirements and produce detailed job sheets for the engineer attending the job.

The results

Thanks to RedZebra, Rational is now able to supply regular detailed reports to customers, keeping them fully informed about the nature of problems they have experienced with their ovens. Using this information, Rational can then identify common reasons for oven failures and ascertain whether problems relate to training or site use issues. Ultimately, this allows Rational to rectify problems more quickly and save money on further calls in the future.

Rational says…

“RedZebra software has enabled us to take our business to a higher level than our competitors, meaning that we are now able to offer significantly enhanced levels of service to our major and chain account customers.”

If you’d like to enjoy the same benefits as Rational, find out more about RedZebra or give us a call on 01296 350350 to talk with us about how we can help your business.