At RedZebra, we understand that when you operate a company that offers a service, you rely on being able to complete jobs quickly, efficiently and to the highest standards. But when you have a team of field engineers or technicians in multiple locations, keeping track of who’s doing what can be a challenge. Having an effective way to schedule and prioritise tasks is therefore vital to maintaining the high quality of service your customers expect. That’s where the Call2Field service scheduling software can help.


Powerful service task scheduling software

Call2Field is a powerful piece of service task scheduling software that lets you organise jobs and assign them to a field technician all in one convenient place. The Call Dashboard in the service software gives you live information on what tasks are being carried out, where, and by which field service engineer, allowing you to stay on top of task scheduling with ease. This user-friendly work scheduling software enables your company to operate with optimum efficiency, allowing you to respond to calls promptly and ensuring that you’re always able to offer the best possible service to your customers.


Schedule and prioritise tasks logically by location and response time

Call2Field’s work scheduling software allows you to schedule jobs with maximum efficiency using the Call Mapping feature, which colour codes outstanding jobs by their response time. When viewed against a location map, it’s easy to see where your engineers are and ensure that the nearest available engineer gets the job.


The easy way to manage work scheduling

The work schedules of your field service engineers and technicians change constantly as new jobs come in and existing jobs are updated. With Call2Field, you can manage your technicians’ work schedules and workload in real time, with live call monitoring that lets you keep an eye on new and completed tasks. You can then use a handy drag and drop diary tool to assign tasks to technicians quickly and easily.

You have the option to view scheduled tasks in an Outlook-style calendar, which also gives you an effective way to co-ordinate other aspects of engineer work schedules, such as sick days and annual leave.


Key benefits of Call2Field Service Scheduling Software

  • 1. Easy way to organise service engineer work schedules
  • 2. Prioritise tasks with colour-coded outstanding jobs
  • 3. Drag and drop diary tool for quick task scheduling
  • 4. View live information and schedule service jobs by location
  • 5. Manage engineer workloads, annual leave and sick days

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No more lost or damaged job sheets – now we get information back same day with customers signature.

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The Call2Field software enables us to communicate efficiently with our Field based engineers.

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