A busy service business requires an enormous degree of organisation to maintain the high standard customers expect. Details of customers and previous jobs must be meticulously logged for future reference and stock levels must be monitored at all times.

That’s where Call2Field database software for service companies comes in. Designed to give you a single user-friendly database for storing all customer and business data, Call2Field will transform your business operations and reduce the amount of time you spend on admin. Keep reading to find out more about Call2Field and see why we think it’s the best field service database software for service companies.


Our service business database software - what's included?

Call2Field is powerful customer service database software designed to streamline your customer service, ultimately allowing your team to deliver the best possible level of service. It provides you with a central hub where you can log every piece of information you hold about each customer, along with the entire history of your interaction with them. Let’s take a look in more detail at each of its database modules.


Customer database software

The field service customer database module of Call2Field gives you one convenient place to store all your customer details. With all the fields you need for information such as customer name, address, account number and billing information, this module provides a secure database where customer data can be safely kept private. You’ll also be able to upload and store important documents such as service contracts and service level agreements.


Field engineers can log details of jobs against the customers they’ve been working on, and over time this will give you a complete history of your interactions with each customer. Not only that, but the software’s Multi-sites feature means you can record details of separate locations for the same customer - ideal for work with regional or national chains.


Stock database software

It’s not just customer details you can store in Call2Field; it’s a stock database as well. Using the stock management module, you can keep track of your stock and equipment wherever it’s held, whether it’s in warehouses or spread across a fleet of vans. The Audit Trail feature tells you exactly where your stock and equipment has been, and when, while the Stock Browser makes it easy to look through your stock whenever you need to. Locating a particular item couldn’t be easier thanks to a handy search feature. As well as being able to tell you exactly where it is, you’ll also be able to set up alerts to let you know when items of stock run low.


What are the key benefits of our service database software

Call2Field’s numerous useful features add up to greater efficiency for your business. Here are some of the benefits our customers tell us they’ve experienced since implementing Call2Field service database software:

Less admin: By giving you a central hub for all your customer data and allowing engineers to log jobs against the relevant account, Call2Field greatly reduces the amount of time you have to spend on admin, with no duplication necessary.

User-friendly: You won’t need to spend much time training your staff and engineers to use Call2Field, because our customer database software couldn’t be easier to use. Not only that, but it makes problems reading poor handwriting a thing of the past.

Multiple locations: Call2Field is capable of storing details of multiple customer locations - perfect if you’re working with chains of businesses with more than one branch.

Stock monitoring and alerts: Call2Field lets you record and monitor stock and equipment levels, even sending you alerts when stock levels run low so that you never run out.

Service database software FAQs

Want to learn more about Call2Field’s customer database module? Here are some of the questions we’re most commonly asked about how it works.

Is there a limit to how many customers and equipment items we can have?

Call2Field can hold a large number of customer and equipment records - we haven’t hit any limits so far!

How many users can we have?

Call2field is multi-user and the cost is determined by how many users you require. This makes the system easily scalable, allowing it to grow with your service business. Information is stored centrally, allowing multiple users to access it at once.

Where is the database held, and can we transfer our existing database?

The database can be on your server or ours depending on where the system is installed. We’re happy to advise on a solution that works best for you. We can normally upload your existing database - see our Data section for more information - and although we would be involved with the initial data upload, Call2Field has functions to enable you to upload your own data.

Can customers access their own data?

Yes, our Customer Portal function allows you to provide access for your customers and control what they can see and do.

Can we hold specific data related to our equipment?

Call2Field can hold your company-specific or industry-specific data for multiple areas of the system. We can help you set this up, as well as uploading your specific data for you.

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