After weeks of vigorous testing, we are excited to launch the next version update of Call2Field! If you have any questions about the update or would like to discuss how Call2Field could work for your business, please call one of the team on 01296 350350.


Call2Field Online

Our new web-based interface titled ‘Call2Field Online’ will allow you to use the Call2Field software in your browser! You'll be able to scale it to any size, resolution and zoom setting, and have the ability to open multiple tabs. Plus, the benefit of an updated and redesigned interface.


Call2Field Mobile

Call2Field Mobile has been completely overhauled behind the scenes; making better use of new device-side technology keeping up to date with the latest browser changes and storing data more efficiently.

Other new additions include; a ‘Clear Data and Cache’ button on the settings screen, Time Entry now has a section for Expenses, and enabling Offline Mode will download background codes (these will still need to be kept up to date).


Call2Field Customer Portal

We’ve updated the Customer Portal to include multi-equipment! This will allow Call Finder to search correctly and display multi-equipment results from both Calls and Field reports.


Report Scheduling

One of the newer features in the Data Services module is Report Scheduling. It will allow you to configure an email or saved file based on a report, to be triggered at a specific frequency. For example; you could set up a summary of completed work to be sent to the department manager at the end of each week.


If you would like to upgrade your version of Call2Field, please contact the support team on 01296 350350.

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