The Customer module of Call2Field keeps all your customer data in one place, making it easy to access customer information and manage accounts. It acts as your account nerve centre, giving you a place to record notes and maintain the high level of service your customers and clients expect from you.

To help you get a sense of how the Customer module can help your business, some of its top features are described in more detail below.


This allows you to keep all your information on each customer in one convenient place, such as their contact name, address, account number, billing information, site location and so on. You can have multiple sites assigned to the same customer, giving you somewhere to keep records relating to specific job locations.


You can create multiple Sites per customer within their main account, making it easy to bill customers who have several locations - such as a customer with a chain of shops.

Service Contracts

You’ll be able to create and manage service contracts directly from Call2Field’s Customer module, keeping your Service-Level Agreements safely housed with the rest of the data you hold for each customer.

Planned Maintenance

The Customer module doesn’t just store information about your customers and sites; it can help you with your admin. It’s a place for you to store information on the equipment each customer has from you, and when it’s due for maintenance. This clever software then generates Planned Maintenance calls automatically, which are created in the Call module.

Our office staff & service engineers find the Call2field software user friendly. The RedZebra staff are knowledgeable & helpful.

Eunice Booker

Water Solution

No more lost or damaged job sheets – now we get information back same day with customers signature.

Paul Wilton

Gym Support

The Call2Field software enables us to communicate efficiently with our Field based engineers.

Tony Bosworth

Impact Air Systems

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