Earlier this year, an engineer from Daltons Wadkin, the Nottingham based supplier of woodworking machinery, was sitting in his van outside a client's premises, completing the job sheet on his tablet, when a member of the client's staff ran out of his office waving Daltons Wadkin's invoice ... not because anything was wrong but because he was so impressed that it had arrived before the engineer had even left the premises!

This level of efficiency in Daltons Wadkin has been reached because of the company's decision to adopt RedZebra's Call2Field software to manage the reporting and invoicing for all its customer site visits.

Daltons Wadkin researched the market and reached a shortlist of three possible providers.

"We sat down properly with two," continues Alex Dalton. "The third was at the other end of spectrum, a big company advertising big clients. But we’d been down that route with accountancy software and found that simplicity is good. And RedZebra offered pretty much everything we needed.

"We use all the capabilities of the software and even push boundaries, which is much better than being stuck somewhere in the middle of a system that’s too big and cumbersome for our needs."


Daltons Wadkin makes good use of Call2Field's full functionality.

"Customers like the fact that at the end of a site visit, they can see our service report straight away, there on the engineer's tablet. The engineer can go through each serviced machine and the customer signs off on the work and on the fact that the engineer has left everything in good order and running. It's not just a piece of paper to say the engineer turned up.

"Our customer has the benefit of a full report and, for us, the full sign-off reduces need for call backs and return visits.

"Before RedZebra, we had some customer reporting capability in place, in that we had a customer portal online. But it was very labour intensive: basically we had to duplicate all the data manually onto the website. Now everything's automatic."


Alex is also impressed with the level of service offered by RedZebra.

"RedZebra has a good ratio of backup staff to clients and we don’t get lost in some callback system. Instead we have a consistent point of contact. Support issues are dealt with very quickly. And RedZebra are willing to carry out software tweaks to suit us. They’re open to our input. Sometimes I think the tweaks are even rolled out across all their clients."

Alex sees the contribution made by RedZebra's Call2Field not only as an improvement in efficiency and customer service but as a major marketing opportunity.

"It has improved what we offer our customers. So we use its capability in our sales spiel and we shout about how we’ve embraced the technology.

"RedZebra has enabled us to be quite unique in our industry, giving us a USP, cutting our overheads and reducing dramatically the time from call to invoice."

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