CRB Cunninghams enlisted the help of RedZebra Software to streamline their call management processes and enable their field service team to operate more efficiently.

About the client

CRB Cunninghams works with 2,500 schools across the UK to provide cashless catering, allowing schools to run meals smoothly and eliminating the problems associated with cash payments. The company also provides identity management and online payment services, along with numerous other services designed to help education providers and libraries run more efficiently.

Why they chose us

CRB Cunninghams carries out around 50 to 70 site visits a day, making it important to have an efficient system for call management. However, the company’s previous call management system lacked a mobile app for engineer sign-off, which meant that every job needed to be physically printed for the customer to sign. They came to Red Zebra seeking software that could not only streamline the sign-off process, but that could also handle other aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations - such as the support desk, which triages faults and problems before cases are raised with the field service team.

How we helped

The Call2Field call management software has enabled CRB Cunninghams to resolve the biggest issue they faced with their previous software, namely the ability for field engineers to use an app to secure sign-off from customers without the need for printing every job. To allow CRB Cunninghams to tailor Call2Field to their exact requirements, the RedZebra team also carried out some extra development work to customise the product to make life even easier for the company’s team of field engineers.

The results

Before coming to RedZebra, CRB Cunninghams had a clear vision of how they wanted their systems to operate, but were unsure of best practice. With the implementation of Call2Field, the company has been able to reduce the man hours spent on the admin side of calls. This has freed up time for the field service team, allowing both the team and the company as a whole to run more efficiently.

CRB Cunninghams says...

“Red Zebra helped us to take the next step by bringing our Field Service team into the 21st century.”

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Our office staff & service engineers find the Call2field software user friendly. The RedZebra staff are knowledgeable & helpful.

Eunice Booker

Water Solutions

No more lost or damaged job sheets – now we get information back same day with customers signature.

Paul Wilton

Gym Support

The Call2Field software enables us to communicate efficiently with our Field based engineers.

Tony Bosworth

Impact Air Systems
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